Cirqua Residential unit features large circular openings

Located in downtown  East victoria state Australia , Cirqua  creates a new living environment with circular windows and loads of light area. The two storey, primarily residential block is a break away from contemporary design of sticking with cubical natural light openings.  instead, feature circular openings clad in concave glass. The residential space is a low rise storey in the neighbourhood of Ivanhoe

comprises of 44 dwellings on a steeply sloping site,  and with a range of sizes and types on offer. The Cirqua  blocks are designed to carefully consider accessibility and passive environmental performance.


 The project involves the consolidation of 2 neighbouring properties into a single block for a new multi-residential development. completed this year by the Sydney based design outfit  BKK

”The project site has been the subject of several unsuccessful planning applications in the past, and is affected by a complex range of planning policies and physical constraints. The design .” BKK says.

The building facades are highly articulated to reduce the overall building’s mass. The design draws on the materiality and expression of local, historical housing types that are reinterpreted in a contemporary manner.


All apartment bedrooms and living areas have direct access to natural light and ventilation, and significant landscaped areas have been integrated into the design to provide a high quality garden setting.










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