Samsung Dex seamlessly blend mobile and desktop experiences

 a new take on digital inner connection and merging of multiple device. The  dex book is a product designed around the  seemly separated function of both devices. it allows for an  enlarge experience and emboldened experience of both platforms ; sharing more cordless interaction with the laptop.

The dex book is a concept PC for the Samsung  brand, imagined by two South Korean  industrial designers ;  kwanjun Ryu  and Jaejin Bong  both part of the design milieu for Samsung.  The new line-up of,  co-opted elements of he  the four AI and machine learning. And, was marked as a sensation to the It industry but yet to see approval for production.


the Dex feature a “phonehole on the  desk , where the keyboard would sit. the “phone-hole” serves as a connection port. through which streams of interaction/ and data would flow. reducing physical separation  drastically.

this design blends the boundary between mobile and the desktop environment seamlessly with limitations of the encases significantly burred;   transitional  display and interaction would flow in an  endless, edgeless environment.  the  start interface is welcoming AL with a more personal touch of the individual user.



Dex notebook is imagined to work solely with the Samsung galaxy series and would be light to  carry around , a little curvy  around the edges and efficient.





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