Wara Art festival opens with dynamic motifs of rice straws

featuring large wooden and wireframes structures embedded as support, the sculptures are clad with leftovers from rice harvest .Most of the exhibited arts on display are animal-eques  sculptures covered entirely with rice straws and postured in dynamic orientations  for effect , and to mimic realism.

These ideal art motifs dotting the rice fields on the Japanese island of Honshu are part of The straw art festival .  created to exhibits various art works, It make good use of leftovers  ” straws”. And now, it has become a regular event in the Japanese city of  Niigata — duration is through first two days of September. The ‘ leftover arts” after finis then go on display at the Uenriigagyo Park, in Nishi-gama  for tourists and visitors alike to enjoy. 


 Usually it is a collaborative effort between students from Musashino Art University in Tokyo , and citizens of Niigata . The students measure , model and construct  the necessary wire-frame foundation with the citizens completing the  body parts with corked and stacked straws. 

” we have collected artworks at Kamiyagigo Park and have been developing as an event to showcase regional special product sales and attractions,”  mayor,  Akira Shinoda  says       ” and have been developed by many stakeholders’ efforts and creative ingenuity.”

the art festival  is fairly a new event, created in 2008 to encourage tourism and promote a sense of unity  within the city and among the citizens.  The two day  annual event now celebrates ten years of continuity.


outline of the production process






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