Bielefeld captures American culinary delights in weeknight dinners

 starting in 2012 the weekend The dinner featured over 70 families across the united states. The central motif  behind these project is the conceptuality of human interaction portrait, specifically connecting photos that captures the personal connections, and human qualities. to explore common rituals, habits, and spaces that nonetheless reveal individualistic details about the private selves of families across America.

The focus of Weeknight Dinners is  on the typical evening meals on the dinner tables across the country,   which often,  become secondary to the busy workday of the average individuals. Most of the portraits were covered on the evenings of weekdays when the evening dinner rituals are most prominent.

the weeknight dinner project  was created by the Milwaukee based artist, Lois Bielefeld a series  photography  who splits her time between fine art and commercial photography.

I have predominantly photographed in the US and also re-photographed some of the same individuals from an earlier body of work… ” ,  she had said on weeknight dinners

She has also has concluded other projects in Europe.  The Bedroom which was a series on the Americans in their bedroom, and was concluded In 2015. And a prelude to these weeknight dinner captured in  weeks as an artist-in-resident in Bourglinster, Luxembourg ; featuring 16 dinner portraits of Luxembourg families.


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