omri-revesz’s dynamic Venetian pavilion allows for flexibility.

Designed for the V-A-C Foundation, and sited along a of the canal in Venice, Italy. the street cinema would featured predominately as the centre show piece of the Russian exhibition in Viva Arte Viva ; the 74th Venice Film Festival in Italy . a creation of  Israeli architect,  Omri Revesz , the dynamic pavilion is essentially an adjustable Cinema, which could be easily transported across locations .

 themed around the Soviet art philosophy of constructivism (the appeal of the function purpose of art , rather than aesthetic relevance)  , the piece seeks to  express much more than just its visually presence, and aesthetic appeal,  but also  carrying  through its primary function as a multimedia collapsible modullar wooden struture;  held together by metal elements.


03_Street_Cinema_Omri_Revesz (1)

the general from of the pavilion is a hollow  wooden cuboid, with the internal horizontal wooden framing ; perpendicular to the  vertical supporting beams  holding the structure, and a lengthy supporting cross-hinged wooden beams which expands, and contracts to allow for the convenience of roofing ; and  when needed.


The external coverings are a series of water resistant materials protecting the interiors space. and which could be hung separately to adjust lighting and ambiance in minute measures. another important function of the   The curtains mechanism” is to  allow for activities happening within the space to be visible or hidden from the outside.



Acting as a social gathering point during the day and an open-air cinema at night, at the  Venice Art Biennale 2017 exhibition,  and with its Space Force Construction the structure takes nudge a Russian history– a reflection on the centenary of the Soviet Revolution.

Omri Revesz works have been exhibited in major design platforms such as  : Triennale Di Milano, Biennale di Venezia, Salone del mobile, Masion&Objet Paris, Gallery S. Bensimon and, won international design awards and recognitions such as ADI DESIGN INDEX (2012, 2013, 2015), Riva1920 for Public Space and Venice Architecture Biennial.




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