RIBA, to announce STIRLING PRIZE 2017 winner tomorrow

the Sterling prize  is an annual award for the most uniquely designed , and innovative structures around the Britain. prizes are offered as incentive to encourage creative and responsive designs, and to an extent, structures which break with convention, solving age old  inefficiencies with contemporary construction.  improve

this year  selection featured 50 bespoken architecture with various adaptations and  unique perspective on harmony with the environment.  hosted by the London based architecture collective  (RIBA ) the stirling prize , as many other  unique design awards, hope to celebrate  contemporaneity, adaptation, with  mostly modern ideas on architecture.


selection starts early in the year,  until a little over five final short-list is offered;  to be reviewed by preselected design Judges, and open to the general public for voting ( which has no bearing on the final winner) . Buildings selection are based on:

” nature of  materials used (  wood, which is a carbon negative building material, is judged favourable than concrete) ,”

nature of the landscape and form ; how the structure embraces the natural surrounding., yet still remain cutting edge. “  While the Hastings pier has won the people choice award, for incredible transformation — after fire gutted the prior Victorian structure — reviews has been be concluded and the official winner would be announced on the 31st of October 2017.

RIBA pier                                           The plank”  after renovation



Six structures made the final cut. And from the final list of buildings short-listed for the RIBA awards they include, a dockyard, and a private resident; clad in wood for its interior. a detailing of the list are as follows:

COMMAND OF THE OCEANS by Baynes and Mitchell Architects for Chatham Historic Dockyard.  the black zinc clad structure serves as a display centre for nautical items. It champions  progressive conservation, and inventive re-use and adaptation of existing fabric.




THE BRITISH MUSEUM WORLD CONSERVATION AND EXHIBITIONS CENTRE by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners for The British Museum, is a modernist vertical structure with  linked pavilions (one of which is located entirely underground), and houses a new exhibition gallery, laboratories and conservation studios, storage, and facilities to support the Museum’ logistical requirements and loans programme.

British Museum Extension by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners - Photos by Joas Souza
British Museum Extension by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners – Photos by Joas Souza

CITY OF GLASGOW COLLEGE – CITY CAMPUS by Reiach And Hall Architects and Michael Laird Architects for City of Glasgow College 




Hastings Pier by dRMM Architects    is a community led/owned serviced platform which could accommodate a whole host of uses, from music concerts, to international markets. ‘In homage to conceptualist Cedric Price, users bring their own architecture to plug in and play.’ the plank, as rebuilt after the prior one was burnt down.




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