human ‘projektor’ attempts to rethink emotions

human projektor is a new project on collecting human perception. It questions and affirms the  special nature of human experiences :  how we feel, think, and act, and all other clatter of emotions. this unique imagination  is a digital representation meant for the  “cable cutter ” generation, to help  calcify and capture all memories; collected in uniquely matted palette of cuboids. Which would serve as slide to be received by the Projektor.
These slides encapsulate emotions personal to the user, each with with a different design  and expressions. with the conception, this ‘imagination’ design hopes to save you the stress  of wanting to experience any event or mood as a bystander.  Fully automated, it saves each experience– with related emotion — and catalogues them for later viewing.
human projektor features conner and curves within its design, and a steel handle to allow for easy carry. It comes with a ‘projectable lens’  to display display encapsulated experiences. the play compartment is sited at the back, and anchored slightly, at angle to allow for quick slotting of the coloured memories.
 the project is created by Uk  industrial designer Joseph Donohue  most of which was done digitally with CAD.  He is yet to make any solid model of his art yet.









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