Lazzarini’s Coupe is a re-purposed T- model hoving car

Recalling back to the future an old legend from the Italian Isotta Fraschini brand (1900 to 1949) the hover Coupe is a concept car by another Italian Lazzarini which seeks to  perform above ground travels;  essentially a flying car. The design borrow generously from the 20th century  car design with far more coutures and angles for the wheels , giving it an “X” like frontal view.

The Hover coupe would still travel on roads, at medium heights from the ground. The external façade is much more exquisite with a concave glass covering which frames an  uninterpreted view of the surrounding and for maximum visibility. Falcon wing doors opening up the interiors to a two seat arrangement.

lazzarini-hover-concepts-6 Hover Coupè concept turns a classic early 20th century icon into a futuristic flying car(Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio)

Lazzarini explins that , for  this concept,

” ..wants to maintains the soft lines of the 40’s yet is powered by 4 turbine engine, similar to the ones in use in commercial planes, but smaller in diameter.”

Four jet engines are mounted on a extremely light carbon body structure, which measures 4500mm in length. Similar to a drone in the manoeuvrability, the Hower-coupè could reach, hypothetically, an estimated top speed of 550km/h and it turns left and right by the release of the available air inside the turbines. To facilitate the stability of the vehicle while flying, additional adjustable flaps are located below the chassis of the jet car.

video demo of the hovering Coupe

lazzarini-hover-concepts-5the Hover Coupè concept side view (Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio)

lazzarini-hover-concepts-2the Hover Coupè concept side by side with the T-model  (Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio)

lazzarini-hover-concepts-4the Hover Coupè concept colours (Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio)


lazzarini-hover-concepts-7alternatives drone-like  designs  (Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio)


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