Assembly of cubics come together for creative bookshelf

sitting firmly on the wall, are 3 layers of cuboid boxes which fan out  into a star like display. each layer offering different volumes for items in the living area. The icosikaitera ( 24 sided polygon) offer a realistic , yet creative way to store books and other minimal materials around the living area.

The installation was put together by interior design enthusiasts, Jessica and Sinclair  who were inspired to do so by similar designs on Pinterest. offering a museum like curation of materials and figurines, although it was was initially intended for books, it framing the conner offering sensibility to the space.  The star shelf  offers two distinct functions: adding a bit of identity to the area, and as hold area for books and materials.

creative-bookshelf-jessica-sinclair-breen-6-5a3d14954ab0b__700photo credit: jeessandSinclair

the installation starts out with 12 cuboid boxes, joined at hinges, encircled by more larger boxes, 12  in number also. And the final layer by even more bigger boxes compacting the whole shelf into one  large 24-gon petal structure.

Jessica, the lead designer, measured the wall space, took the inspiring picture  and managed graphics of the designs. While Sinclair completed actual construction.  The project cost over $900 to build. JessandSinclair use it as a mixed usa display for flora pots and books.

creative-bookshelf-jessica-sinclair-breen-5-5a3d14931f835__700Installing the outer layer photo credit: jeessandSinclair


creative-bookshelf-jessica-sinclair-breen-4-5a3d1490d57e8__700assembling the cuboid boxes on the floor (photo credit: jeessandSinclair)


Sinclair finish some of the boxes (photo credit: jeessandSinclair  )


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