PDF Haus imagines fashion sensitive AR and VR Goggles

Modern Givenchy presents a contrasting element in terms of material, color, and product characteristics.  For example, the material prepared for see-through and span, a intense color in a comfortable color,and linear shape in a streamlined shape etc.

Givenchy’s website also emphasized the contrast between the white colored background and the thin black colored frame. So I went ahead and focused on this sort of contrast and mixing match.

Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-06-17Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-05-46Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-04-40Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-04-27Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-04-16Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-04-01Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-03-46Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-02-47Screenshot from 2018-01-20 05-02-18


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