Ryan Godzilling is a travelogue satire with a life size animatronic figurine

a live size figurine of Godzilla, a  Japanese original  ” movie monster” which — alone  with King Kong– is famous for destroying cities has been showing up around the world. seen “photographed with icons and monuments”, the Godzilla effigy feature in backdrops appreciating the beauty of landmarks it would have, otherwise had stumped on with aggressive rage.  and sometimes, along with his US based owner.

the travel companion of Australian photographer, Kieran Murray  , Ryan is a ”  travel all around, getting into all sorts of shenanigans” sort of digital installation  , in a new series of edited photo project tagged ,” Ryan Godzilling ” . The figurine is expected to inject sensibly and activity into the icon.

5392d760399421.5a4bd076f16d0  Godzilla doing laundry  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

the barely 0.5m tall plastic  model was a souvenir brought by the photographer,  from Chicago. and as an amateur film maker trying to hone his skill, Travel the globe editing and resizing Ryan into backgrounds of cities his visits.

…Travelling on your own is awesome, but it can be frustrating to have a stranger take a photo of you in front of that landmark only to see that its framed awfully or out of focus..”  the prospective film maker had written.

Since then, Ryan has organically evolved into an independent character from the photographer himself, and far from the photofinishing practice material it started out as.

46aed860399421.5a4bd076f2c0eGodzilla grocery shopping  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

Kieran Murray is a Digital Content Creator with a background in film and visual effects. and a graduate of Griffith University in Film.

29f5f160399421.5a4bd076efc7cGodzilla in the sub-way in New York   ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

28a88a60399421.5a4bd076f0641Godzilla day at the museum  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

10a92760399421.5a4bd076f3453Godzilla on Team USA   ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

3ccf1a60399421.5a4bd076f101bGodzilla bull fighting  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

2fb92060399421.5a4bd076ef353Godzilla in Dubai’s airport  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

2adbdb60399421.5a4bd076f218cGodzilla on the hudson  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 

626f4f60399421.5a4bd076f13feGodzilla taking down bridges  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 


b7cd1060399421.5a5979bc039a6Godzilla arrested by New York police  ( photo courtesy:Kieran Murray ) 


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