Okuda San Miguel imagines the world in Technicolors

covered in technicolors large-scale projects; huge facades intervened with geometric lines, and a play on symmetric. They feature sculptures, installations,  organic forms, bodies without identity with which the artist reflects on questions that go beyond art. The most prominent is the “Bear ” On display at the Spanish galaxy in Madrid.

The various works are reflection of society and individual curiosities. Questions asked  on or about the essence of  existence ; existentialism. Balanced with alternating  concepts, such as modernity and roots, nature and capitalism, identity. The Madrid based artist expects his audience to connect with his art on a personal level, and draw from experience to  catch the “deeper” meaning and vibe.


Okuda San Miguel , who started out as “Oscar san Miguel”   played around with spray painting murals in a string of creative vandalism. Before been hired by institutions and traveling half the world to give life and color to streets, facades and churches, and exhibiting in the best galleries. He did street art for  17 years.

He has been to over 25 countries  covering their streets in  colorful technicolors.      ”

” From that first time, when I was painting in abandoned factories and on lost tracks, I miss having so many worries and responsibilities. Although on the other hand I think I need it, I have the need to create, to move in this circuit and being at the level that I am, I still want more.

22278120_1514749111914316_3775993830550011904_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


27581382_1981628512095815_3495032652187041792_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


20688012_845637252266553_5443576679211466752_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


21147825_261736701011431_7248829447506231296_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


21820445_428290937572121_2475614339051028480_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)

25022424_836422233206775_1741952170191749120_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


24127081_311154479399592_4235655592938569728_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)

21879424_1873467792680448_4928974485446459392_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


19436978_451939188496345_6559049496381095936_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


25024883_161681314595465_6959032374659121152_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


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