Pixel serise by French artist PEZ

French artist and illustrator has produced a series of visual stunting images for his newest project ; Pixel series.  Featuring a mix of two distinct arts styles : a shaded pencil art , covering the dark corners and giving the paintings form, and the required depth. And several spray paints to add a layer of multicolored  pixels and  draw more attention to the art.

the french artist in an interview with CitykingZ  seeks to, with his pixel art series, go straight to the point and express emotions. Which is the underlining theme of this collection.

 I’m sure press cartoonists have a great deal of interesting things to say but they aren’t promoted enough—at least in French medias—because their message is too strong, sometimes too violent. ..

PEZ ‘s pixel project don’t quite fix a singular matte classification, but hover between a street vibe– with the array of spray paints– and a more tailored, even formal pencil covering. A fine blend between valvular street arts and subtle curated forms.


“PIX OK ” 

Pez is a ‘visual artist from Nantes France, who also does cartoon  caricatures.   He draws inspiration from several other  illustrators ( Klimt, Magritte, Escher and Dali. As well as Kaws, Bua, Proch, Etam Cru).

My designs are more and more famous, in the last year or two everything has been growing at lightning speed. I suppose it’s mainly because I waited enough time before showing my work out there. I waited to get enough maturity. I think the risk with publishing your work too early is that people get bored of what you produce and they won’t listen anymore the day your work gets a real value.

he offers most them for sale on his online platform offering  sessions on Instagram to explain themes behind his pieces and materials used.



























14714586_1796196447290224_3708831124839989248_n“BLACK MIRROR”



18096357_1281429298559710_4892379607442915328_n“ALTER EGO “




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