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German engineer design concept airbag for cell phone protection

German engineering student, Philip Frenzel has presented a concept prototype to  the growing market of smart phone screen protection cases . The design seeks to answer the question around ” dropping your phone by error” . while regular rubber cases offers some  sort mitigation but most drops still leave your phones with significant damages.


Frenzel’s device comprises a slightly burgled case with four prongs along the four cardinals of the phone; each triggered by sensors which detect a free falling device, and deploys , as legs to cushion the effect of the ground collision. And this could quickly be reset by pushing the prongs back in place.


Philips who is still in Aalen University  already won a national design prize from the German Mechatronics Society for his well thought out innovation. And he plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for his creation, which, if it receives sufficient backing would see the first sets of case hit the market.



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