Orange Trump blimp flys over London’s parliament

A giant helium filled  balloon effigy of the President of the United states of America hovers over the house of commons,  earthed down by nipple retaining strings.  the Blimp is an oversize oval soft rubber balloon pumped with helium yellow haired with keys features which include:  a painted over safety pin , and over gesticulated mouth and a toy “blue phone”

The  6 m blimp depicts Mr Trump as an Orange toddle with his iPhone phone in hand — a reference to his frequent tweets. approved by the London mayor, and greenlited to fly during the Official  Uk visit the ‘Trumpbaby” took over $16,000 in crowd funded financial support to make.

The Orange blimp was created by UK designer Leo Murray , who seeks to use it as a tool to protest  the president’s policies. But it has gathered a lot of criticisms on ‘crossing the line’  and been too aggressive with the message it aim to pass across.




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