Ernesto Neto hangs GaiaMotherTree installion in Zurich station

Suspended from several struts if the central itZurich, the 20-meters cascading net installation occupies the central atrium of the quite busy train station.

Crafted from mattrd cotton strips, the highline net tree  like webbings;  features uniquely colored hand-knotted connections, decorative spices filled tubbings and strongly laced support to allow commuters interact with the installation by sitting on it.


Commissioned by Fondation Beyeler, and brought to fruition by Brazilian artist, Ernesto Neto,  who drew his inspiration from working with native Indian tribes across the Amazon in south America. The monument which would be open until the end of July, 2018, draws richly from Neto’s work with the Huni Kuin, an indigenous community living in the Amazon region near the Brazilian border with Peru.

 GaiaMotherTree was entirely handcrafted and manually installed in the grand station. It would represent a meeting place for interaction and meditation, where to host a varied program of events with music, workshops and performances.


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