Spanish architect dreams ups modular disaster relief homes

For the execution of this project a rationalized constructive system is proposed, with metal tubes arranged in a lattice shape, defined a basic module with 37 m² of area. The trellis is turned 45 degrees in relation to the floor gaining main prominence in the facade besides working correctly in the stabilization of the set. 

For the closures, the 10 cm apparent concrete block was chosen, seated in a juxtaposed way and tied to the structure, creating a more solid and welcoming environment. This proposed prefabrication system seeks to adapt both in the industrial process and the traditional construction site, since concrete blocks and steel pipes are well received in both conditions.


The basic unit presented is flexible occupying a projection of 25 m² in the ground (3.20×8.44m) and is divided into two floors connected by a ladder type maleiro, executed with profiles of 3x3cm. The intention in this study is to leave the system purposely open enabling it for large and small builders and for large or small housing complexes. The unit can also be thought for several uses at different scales

img_2_1534267474_93dd4de5cddba2c733c65f233097f05aimg_3_1534267474_e88a49bccde359f0cabb40db83ba6080img_4_1534267474_11364907cf269dd2183b64287156072aimg_5_1534267474_ce08becc73195df12d99d761bfbba68dimg_8_1534267474_a13ee062eff9d7295bfc800a11f33704 (1)refuge-ht-fpcamp-designboom-1800




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