Natchar Sawatdichai creates papar blinds for the modern office

Thai furniture , London based designer Natchar Sawatdichai creations are a sets of effective eco-friendly fordable blinds for the modern office.

Replacing ‘Over-qualified’ materials in home decoration with paper, considering environmental and usage issues.

Enhancing ‘Under-qualified’ materials like paper to become ‘Qualified’.

Creating replaceable blinds that can improve sustainability and extend the lifetime of the product.

The length of the blinds can be easily adjusted by simply pulling the cord and tie the cord with the pulley. Replacing the new blinds is also as easy as just slide out the old one from bracket and slide in the new replacement. The moving cord or mechanism of the blinds was designed to be placed in the centre as the paper blinds can be easily cut to the desired size by cutting both sides of the edges and attaching to the compact size bracket.

1e073513-fa38-43a2-a68f-79ad1bad9421_rw_12005d79429e-42a1-4899-ac7b-e899fbd8727e_rw_1200 - Copy31bd0567-77aa-4388-801e-962dd5da94d9_rw_1200 - Copya2a117de-a7b0-4d62-875e-4b5c28e45a60_rw_1200a2d42b6e-0fe4-42c8-9a6e-bfa8c65c4e1e_rw_1200 - Copya8914464-5b9d-4128-abb6-97218f8b6732_rw_1200c0f2d3f9-8a27-4b68-8304-086d5cfe1881_rw_1200dc5722e2-af21-4c2c-b153-dcbf011fdea3_rw_1200 - Copye71c320c-719e-4b0f-b904-c80ed56d6591_rw_1200fe3dea95-1e72-46f7-8194-500471b39193_rw_1200


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