Nike savvas embellishes the gallery Of Australia with polystyrene

Atomic: full of love, full of wonder’ feature 50,000 multicolored polystyrene balls suspended inside Art Gallery of New South Wales is an installation by Australian artis

acca_melbourne_42935470_1289202857889316_4112682074014126674_nandosun94_40117081_241839043344090_2930871105790326797_ngeorgiapelle_42454281_315147835948443_8812849385883172600_njolieontheroad_42449458_881784505359736_5059866824244466757_nkcsydney_39665569_312362526204532_2796309230531903488_nlouseestheworld_42857793_246752135989040_6966305453022265883_nmimismonteiro_42190306_877096012678323_4556351152262552908_npulkita_g_42323489_109354159983668_2497519320800690176_nsydneyflaneur_42916300_160510458221280_9166186302785445459_nt Nike savvas


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