Artist unveils a life size blue whale made entire from washi paper

paper cut sculpture using only two single sheets of Japanese washi paper.Paper cut sculpture using only two single sheets of Japanese washi paper.A handmade concept piece by the artist to inspire and push the boundaries of what is possible in Japanese paper cut art, kirie. unveiled at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre with almost 10,000 visitors in only a week

concept pieces by Nahoko Kojima are inspiration for art and design communitie,Kojima takes inspiration from Nature and prefers to create accurate depictions,Uncompromising in her vision. No one in the world is doing more than Kojima in legitimising Japanese Kirie as a globally recognised genre of art When asked why she created the piece, the artist answered “Love. What else is there?



012_nkojima_shiro_with_artist (1)

Created by Nahoko Kojima 

Kojima uses nylon threads to tie the paper to the ceiling grid. It is a process that turns a single sheet into a 3D object with a clever design and the help of gravity

“When I was a child I would lie down on my back on the grass and draw the underside of flowers. I think when we discover a hidden beauty, we leave our bodies and look on ourselves, the object and environment, all as one lovely epiphany.”  she said.




The artist uses Japanese scalpel blades which are thinner and sharper but become blunt so quickly that she changes blades every two to three minutes.

Concept pieces like Shiro are not easy to create, ship, fund nor concept but such pieces are created in order to unleash the artist’s sheer creative energy. NAHOKO KOJIMA TOOK 8 DAYS TO INSTALL SHIRO WITH ONLY 1 OTHER PERSONThe shows created by the artist require numerous build vendors, employed staff and volunteers however the cutting and install is always personally done by the artist.






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