Sisters creates amazing wall installation with Up-cycled fibre

We are sisters Lauren and Kass, co-founders and artists behind Crossing Thread. For as long as we can remember, we’ve been exposed to the wonderful world of fibre from an early age, both practicing dance for 13 years+. We grew up in a world of costuming and embellishment; sequencing, beading and sourcing trims for our dance costumes and visiting many fabric stores with our mum and fittings with our seamstress. Being dance duo partners throughout our childhood, we were frequently misunderstood of being twins.

Our closeness in age allowed us to navigate through life, with either one of us one step ahead at any given time. Gradually, the “big sister / little sister ” titles dropped off, as we each looked to each other for support, guidance and inspiration.

Our parents brought us up in an expressive environment where we encouraged to voice our feelings, stand up for what we believe in and attempt new things. Creativity was and still is celebrated in our family; with our grandfather being an enthusiastic calligrapher and oil painter (who still paints today!) and our dad an architect whom also builds our looms. We believe to live a creative life is one of manifestation and curiosity. We hope to continue this cultivation of creativity in our family.



The sisters’ creative company cross-thread is located in Byron bay New south wales Australia, where they marry different up-cycled materials and fibres ( leather, wool, and cotton)  to create beautiful wall covering, a myriad of cross knots and interwoven inspired by nature.



crossingthreads_38229629_650320555339952_2696130376778121216_n (1)crossingthreads_39505755_513217719104372_2414988530615844864_ncrossingthreads_40314893_2207402902806439_7870659054062654966_n (1)crossingthreads_40616999_696096570759346_7430512513513298760_n







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