Luís Rebelo de Andrad disrupts portuguese oak forest with vibrant red barn

The Herdade da Considerada is an extension of arid land, with 500 hectares, about seven kilometers from Alcácer do Sal, where cork oaks and meandering pines dominate. The resulting landscape is uniform in all directions and, as Archer Luís Rebelo de Andrade discovered on a preliminary visit, it is easier to lose the car at Herdade da Considerada than in the parking lot of a hypermarket.

From this experience came a central idea that presided over the whole project: in the absence of the geodesic landmarks, in the Herdade da Considerada, it is the architecture that makes up the reference points that from primitive ages guided the men, complemented the landscape with a building of comprehensive visibility. The house itself and the agricultural warehouse were designed to minimize the time and cost of construction and to give priority to energy sustainability.



The solar panels and thermo-collectors allow the house to produce more energy than the one that consumes, being the house averse to waste of energy.

With two waters, doors and windows, the exterior design of the house looks as childlike as those children begin to make even before elementary school. This apparent simplicity is actually based on a collective and romantic imaginary that we all share: that of the house on the prairie, that of the lives of the pioneers and conquerors of the American West, so often portrayed in the westerns and that they persist in our constitutive memory, despite of the time and of the intentional awareness that we may have of them.

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the red barn is arch


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