Danish creative Johannes hangs cycles in a retail space to foster inspiration

High performance bicycles from Argon 18 are displayed in a futuristic retail experience that blends elements from the world of technology, engineering, mechanics and community. Here harmony exists between man, nature and machine. It is a space that fosters knowledge, learning and innovation and perhaps even more importantly, invites people to dream. In short, a modern monastery for the science of cycling.

The design concept draws its inspiration from the detailed engineering of a carbon fiber bicycle. It seeks to highlight the dreams and engineering that  the bicycles represent by juxtaposing the world of nature and science and the meeting between man and machine.


The architectural design follows a tight grid system that is introduced throughout the building and perhaps is most noticeable in the interior design. This choice pays tribute to the precision of the products and ensures a modular and scalable retail solution for a global rollout.

Johannes trope 





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