10+ embroidery art by creative couple, inspired by European architecture

Featuring several coloured shitching and detailed reproductions of architecture, landscape and monuments, this needle and thread crafts draw inspiration from various famous European iconic locations; from the Baltic to Scandinavia, Bavaria, France and through most of the Dutch low lying states.

landscape, and architecture in Sweden and France are a special themes , although these locations aren’t exclusive. The french-sweden couple, Henry and Andelin travel through major European cities creating textile replicates of Important buildings, transportation outlets and general tourist interests.

the creative duo either knitting a street,or building try to keep the details as close as possible and offer podcast training to willing participates interested in learning their art.

Gamla Stan ( old town ) Stockholm Sweden.

Saint Germaine Des pres, Paris France

Metro Station port Dauphine Paris, France

Rue Rembrandt, 8th arradissemant, Paris France

The street of Arcachon



The Effiel tower. Paris France

Villa Beltza,Boliarritz, France

Casa Batllo , Barcelona, Spain

Parisian Street , France

The Arcachon South West France

The city of Lisbon Portugal

Northern Norway

The River Seine, Paris France

Gothenburg, Sweden

The Yellow Tram, Lisbon Portugal


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