French artist encases coral reefs in colorful glass displays

Since childhood, a real feeling of helplessness and guilt has been eating away at the way the human species works, without worrying about the environment.

At the origin of my practice was to find how to live with, learn to listen to this pain rather than bury it to finally know the appeasement. This gave birth to a first series of works entitled “Lungs of the Oceans” intended to awaken the feeling of wonder for the nature that surrounds us and the desire to protect it

Series created between 2014 & 2018, dummy corals in textile & recovery materials – Fred Margueron p .

Created by Aude Bourgine , a french artist from Rouen, Aude has always been overtaken with strong feelings of guilt and powerlessness surrounding the human species way of acting without a care for its environment.

Her practice began as a search for a way to live with, and to learn to listen to, the distress of the ocean, rather than burying it to attain a certain peace of mind. 

“If we do not rapidly change our relationship with our environment, oceans will be dead by 2050. Their disappearance will entail a disastrous imbalance on all ecological, climate and human levels.”

Aude Bourgine has taken on this topic in her meticulous and dreamlike style, driven by the hope of raising awareness on these issues and convincing us that we can still get our act together.


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