Janel Foo quites her job to make Inspiring stained glass wares.

Featuring several arrays of coloured glass arts forms, in distinct and diverse orientation, JanelFoo glass wares are reminiscent of 13th century bacilica rose glass windows — covered in christian art — and which opens the usually romanesque churches to the natural lighting of the sun, offering a visual reference, and clairvoyance to the essence of the building.

Los Angeles based creator, Janel Foo, a former wardrobe assistant, crafts colourful glass wares, with varrying geometries as a point of departure from the traditional wares.

illuminating the interior with photo-chromatography ; her works seeks to mimics this historical function. introducing a new flair of artsy, minimalist appeal with its playful use of colours and lighting introduced into the living spaces.

Janel Foo had quite her job as a wardrobe assistant after five years of work, inspired by her mentor she sort training and learnt to create stained glasses as an expression of her inner values.

She has so far featured in the LA Times and regularly shares her works on Instagram.


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