Neil Burnell visits the most haunted forest in Britain, and returned with fairytale photos

The Wistman’s woods has always been a source of errie folklore: tales of Druids, ghosts, and ancient evils so old and forgotten lurking and waiting to hunt humans, hence its name Wistman, which is “haunted” in local dialect.

But despite it’s reputation, the sights of several dwarf oak trees blanketed by atmospheric mist, boulders covered in moss, trucks carpeted in lichens, and entangled tree vines are quite pleasing, an under fog bears striking similarity to Mid-earth.

nicknamed ” the most haunted place in Dartmoor” this primeval forest evokes a mix of awe and fear; one of only three remote high-altitude oakwoods on Dartmoor, Devon, England, it’s prime estate for ancient, dwarf oaks trees.

Davon based photographer ,Neil Burnell, attempts to frame this complicated mystery into curated art, with his project , “Mystical” a series of mist covered photos. His shots offers a glimpse into the nature of this ancient forest in early morning fog, a feat which was difficult to achieve; Of his 20 tries Neil only had two opportunities when the mist was proper, to shoot.

” have enjoyed these photos so much because they remind me of some old folk tales about fairies I listened and read in my childhood” Neil said,

Although locals never venture near Wistman at dusk, Neil enjoyed his experience and would release several photos soon.


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