The new ‘grass’ sneakers by Nike causing a lot of Buzz

The Jordan airMax 1 was first designed by American company, hatfield after since it became the most famous of the Nike brand, selling over million in pairs. In other to keep up with demand, the German Appreal maker NIKE has taking to adding a new version to this quit famous product.

The Nike Air Max ‘grass” was designed for the PGA golf tournament and comes with a ‘grassy’ top marked by the signature ‘strike’ logo. With a rubber sole and monochrome laces, the grass sneaker is definitely a hot pick among she enthusiasts.


Neil Burnell visits the most haunted forest in Britain, and returned with fairytale photos

The Wistman’s woods has always been a source of errie folklore: tales of Druids, ghosts, and ancient evils so old and forgotten lurking and waiting to hunt humans, hence its name Wistman, which is “haunted” in local dialect.

But despite it’s reputation, the sights of several dwarf oak trees blanketed by atmospheric mist, boulders covered in moss, trucks carpeted in lichens, and entangled tree vines are quite pleasing, an under fog bears striking similarity to Mid-earth.

nicknamed ” the most haunted place in Dartmoor” this primeval forest evokes a mix of awe and fear; one of only three remote high-altitude oakwoods on Dartmoor, Devon, England, it’s prime estate for ancient, dwarf oaks trees.

Davon based photographer ,Neil Burnell, attempts to frame this complicated mystery into curated art, with his project , “Mystical” a series of mist covered photos. His shots offers a glimpse into the nature of this ancient forest in early morning fog, a feat which was difficult to achieve; Of his 20 tries Neil only had two opportunities when the mist was proper, to shoot.

” have enjoyed these photos so much because they remind me of some old folk tales about fairies I listened and read in my childhood” Neil said,

Although locals never venture near Wistman at dusk, Neil enjoyed his experience and would release several photos soon.

Adorable yellow vest cat vendor stalks the streets of Vietnam

With Soft walk, and ‘whimsical’ look, this feline vendor in yellow strolls gently across the rows of fish filled stalls, and crowd market of Kai Phong. an adorable cat in costume, well suited and primed for it’s ‘food’ inspection job, and it has come to view the goods on display at this Vietnamese market and over see if health regulations are maintained.

Surprisingly his presence seem not arouse any suspicion, or caution from the traders, given the ordinary imperative of a cat to steal meat. This 3-year-old cat and his owner, Lê Quốc Phong, like to spend time travel and playing pretend.

Named “Dog” by Le Quốc, due to its nature of keeping it’s mouth open– like a dog — this cat loves pictures, playing dress-up and his food, so his photography owner, Lê Quốc Phong indulges it, putting “it” in various catchy poses, and letting the star work it feline charm.

Dog feels very cosy and can walk normally.” the photographer says, ” and he is widely loved, with friends globally ”

The duo are quite famed around East Asia, including ; Vietnam, Thailand and China, and have done several commercial for food brands in Vietnam.

Amazing series of colourful images shows London doorways

Photographer Bella captures the colours and fashion of the doorsways around the financial capital of the United Kingdom.

Her project ,”Doors_of_Londons” attempts to chronicle the unique doorways aesthetics of this ancient capital, born out of the love for colours and photography, covers different establishments, from shops to homes and array of colours and foreground objects.

Bella has also done a few “door snaps” around Europe; Netherland and Denmark included. She currently shares several of her shots weekly on her social media DoorsofLondon

Heesoo Lee cover ceramics containers in colourful tree-like decorations

Artist Heesoo Lee (previously) uses multi-layered techniques to form intricate trees, complete with leaves and branches, that seem to grow out of her functional ceramic vessels.

Lee’s careful use of color establishes a seasonal mood in each of her works, some evoking the warm tones and fallen leaves of autumn, while others capture the barren beauty of winter. Each woodland scene is drawn from Lee’s imagination.

The artist shares that she happened upon her current style of work by chance: her background is as a painter, and she used clay more as a smooth canvas until one day she was working on a tight deadline and was attempting to repair a broken pot, which inspired her to build three-dimensionally.

Lee explains that she uses translucent porcelain because its “beautiful clarity and color and is the perfect canvas for the bright underglaze and glazes I use.” The artist begins by forming each tree individually, starting with the closest and largest trees as she builds perspective by filling in the background with progressively smaller trunks, each of which is individually formed with a clay coil.

Next, for her non-wintry pieces, each leaf is individually formed and applied to create the dense foliage that further increases the sense of depth on the surface of her ceramics. After an initial firing, Lee applies colored details using painted underglaze, which must be applied without overlapping different glazes to prevent discoloration after firing.

Lastly, she chooses from a range of finishing glazes, selected depending on the desired effect, like an icy blue vernal pool or clearly defined leaves.

In Vietnamese heart and soul, Tet holiday is the biggest season of the year, when family can gather around  and celebrate the new year and grant wishes for their loved one.This is the time  when the all the custom and tradition come back and wide spread. 

The most familiar images of Tet holiday was painted in old poems, with banh chung ( square rice cake ), watermelon and the blossom yellow apricot flower. Besides that, the Swallow Bird gathering on Tet holiday is a beautiful symbol of spring, fortune and sincere happiness.
With those core values and inspiration,  Poster is handcrafted and made of art paper and MDF wood .

The natural material and the crafting techniques is a great way to preserve the beauty of Vietnam tradition and heritage.

by Vietnam artist Ton Bui

Masayo Fukuda cuts single paper into very intricate artforms

Japanese artist Masayo Fukuda cut paper into intriguing [paper art form. Her latest “Karie form” is an intricately detailed Octopus which took over 3 months to complete.

photographer explores Hong kong in amazing symmetry shots

Hong Kong is a Chinese city quite famous for its little spaces, tight corners and packed high-rise buildings. Known as the most densely settled part of the world, this former English colony consist of a group of rocky Islands along the pearl river Delta, with very little land left to build on its people had to compensate for living spaces by building up.

Parked and stuffed to the shims the city looks so uncomfortable to live in , from an outsider’s point of view, but to the contrary , it is a well managed metropolis with efficient services. Most of it 8 million, majorly ethnic Chinese live along the Kowloon peninsula ( 9 dragons)

Brazilian Travel photographer Dietrich Herlan Brazilian has taken to documenting this spectacular city, and its aligning sister city of Macau ( formerly Portuguese ) in a s3eries of symmetry shot of its tall architecture photographer based in Hong Kong.

Futuristic self driving pod by Mercedes-Benz carry 12 people

German car maker, Mercedes-Benz has unveiled a new concept car at the currently running, Consumer electronics show ( CES 2019 ) said to be a study vehicle, the concept module carries a futuristic pod-like design, with streamlined trunk and reactivate Led lighting.

The all electric, and fully automated the Vision Urbanetic car, can see pedestrians before they get close enough for an accident. It comes witn inchangable parts, for users with alternative preference, and would sit a dozen individuals at a single go.

The Urbanetic is connected to real-time traffic reports and can also monitor local events and send a fleet out to a location, say a stadium after a concert, in anticipation of increased demand. It can communicate with people outside of the pod through displays on the front and sides. The Urbanetic “sees” pedestrians before they even step off the curb.