Janel Foo quites her job to make Inspiring stained glass wares.

Featuring several arrays of coloured glass arts forms, in distinct and diverse orientation, JanelFoo glass wares are reminiscent of 13th century bacilica rose glass windows — covered in christian art — and which opens the usually romanesque churches to the natural lighting of the sun, offering a visual reference, and clairvoyance to the essence of the building.

Los Angeles based creator, Janel Foo, a former wardrobe assistant, crafts colourful glass wares, with varrying geometries as a point of departure from the traditional wares.

illuminating the interior with photo-chromatography ; her works seeks to mimics this historical function. introducing a new flair of artsy, minimalist appeal with its playful use of colours and lighting introduced into the living spaces.

Janel Foo had quite her job as a wardrobe assistant after five years of work, inspired by her mentor she sort training and learnt to create stained glasses as an expression of her inner values.

She has so far featured in the LA Times and regularly shares her works on Instagram.


Stunning images of the spectacular Wave building just completed in Demark

The Wave Development – design by Henning Larsen Architects in Jutland, Denmark reached it’s final completion following an eleven-year construction period interrupted by the global financial crisis, Henning Larsen’s The Wave apartment building in Vejle,

The Wave incorporates an open, public pier – establishing it as a social and residential hub, and an enduring presence in the vitalization of the Vejle waterfront.

After construction efforts were re-initiated in 2015, the final three towers are complete – fulfilling Henning Larsen‘s original vision. Its five iconic crests rising above Vejle Fjord, The Wave stands as an architectural tribute to local heritage and geography.

“The land surrounding Vejle is unique for its rolling hills, which are an uncommon sight in Denmark,”
explains Søren Øllgaard, Partner and Design Director at Henning Larsen.

“We designed The Wave as striking new presence in the Vejle skyline, one that reflects and embodies the surrounding area. We feel our design merges our own contemporary designs with a strong sense of local identity.”

Surreal imagery by Portuguese illustrator are as surrealist as ever.

The plant and animal world are quite distinct even though they are codependents. the owl finds home in the trees, the Tiger prowls the jungle in search of prey, or the polar bear in its natural habitat, this illustrator finds a way to blend both seemlessly in quirky surreal ways.

French artist encases coral reefs in colorful glass displays

Since childhood, a real feeling of helplessness and guilt has been eating away at the way the human species works, without worrying about the environment.

At the origin of my practice was to find how to live with, learn to listen to this pain rather than bury it to finally know the appeasement. This gave birth to a first series of works entitled “Lungs of the Oceans” intended to awaken the feeling of wonder for the nature that surrounds us and the desire to protect it

Series created between 2014 & 2018, dummy corals in textile & recovery materials – Fred Margueron p .

Created by Aude Bourgine , a french artist from Rouen, Aude has always been overtaken with strong feelings of guilt and powerlessness surrounding the human species way of acting without a care for its environment.

Her practice began as a search for a way to live with, and to learn to listen to, the distress of the ocean, rather than burying it to attain a certain peace of mind. 

“If we do not rapidly change our relationship with our environment, oceans will be dead by 2050. Their disappearance will entail a disastrous imbalance on all ecological, climate and human levels.”

Aude Bourgine has taken on this topic in her meticulous and dreamlike style, driven by the hope of raising awareness on these issues and convincing us that we can still get our act together.

Pakistani dentist puts glitters and diamond on everything to make them sparkle

Several of her works feature ordinary items, which are made to sparkle after intense editing. crystal Sparkles is a project which aims to bring curiosity and delight to the viewer as it blankets images with sparkly diamond, crystals and rainbows.

The work of a Pakistani dentist– in training- unsatisfied with her career directions, and obsessed with glamorizing the world around her,  the largely self taught artist had start off putting her favorite fashion item on body stretchmarks to beautify a feature which is strongly associated with negativity as a means to finding healing.

Sara shakeel

The resulting project, Bodyglitters, a serious of models with glitters ‘pimped out ‘ stretchmarks,  inspired by her obsession was made a hashtag on social media to push a rethink and encourage positive body image. A project which set the template for her new direction into photo editing.

She moved on to general glitterizing, and with several uploads later her editing had gone viral attracting the likes of Emirates, Swiss luxury brands : Bally and Swarovski and an award from glamour Italy

10+ Surreal marble sculptures in movements by British sculptor

Michael has created many sculptures that incorporate classical drapery.

“I used to carefully study the play of different materials and meticulously recreate every aspect of the weight, tension and hang of the material in my sculpture, agonising over how to sculpt the edge of a drape where a foot protruded from beneath, trying to balance realism with the aesthetic of the piece”.

Michael’s ‘Emergent Collection’ beautifully demonstrates that he is no longer troubled with the same anxieties.

“I like to think this particular style of sculpting is a more mature and enlightened approach to such problems”.

In this collection, he introduces a flat plain to balance and divide the fully sculpted figure and disregard the formal studied limitations of the drapery. The drapery becomes the plain, which is both a solid form in its own right and yet is also at one with the figure, revealing and yet concealing the contours of the human form beneath.

Where a foot protrudes from the plain, the foot simply emerges, as if emerging from a pool of still water. With this technique I can focus on the beauty in the gesture or movement, without being hampered by physical reality – because it makes no sense, it makes perfect sense.


everal of his work feature at the museum of modern art,Saatchi

Turkish photographer wraps landscapes with inception like drone photos

The landscapes are curved to an almost an 180° degree view offer a much preferred wider range. The series Flatland drinks in the landscape, and alters them in a continuous layer of carefully stitched together drone photo to offer a monotonous , single shot photograph.

Aydın Büyüktaş, who pioneered the Flatland drone photography technique worked extensively on his shots which are breathtaking imagery reminiscent of the mind-bending scenes from the movie Inception. He list of work is published in “Flatlands” and he has gone on to open a second part of the project in Flatlands 2.

origami enthusiast craft intricately detailed, aesthetically satisfying cranes

Featuring over a 1000 different Japanese cranes in exquisite colours, shapes and intricate designs, this paper enthusiast injects modern flair into an otherwise traditional art form of paper folding.

In a break from convention, he mixes cuts and folds ( origami and Kirigami ) in several delightful avian paper-arts forms; an amazing list featuring several feathery cranes,  with more details and empathize on the wings.

Paper creative Cristian Marianciuc once set himself an ambitious of a  1,000 origami cranes in 1,000 days — which is a form of prayer for goodwill in Japanese culture —  which he as long achieved yet still persist with his crafts and has grown his gallery over his pre-set goals, and with unique elaborate wing designs.

“I never stopped folding and decorating new ones. It just wasn’t on a daily basis anymore,”

he says .

He is focused more on exploring themes as techniques and trying out new creative mixes.

Paper folding is a traditional act from Japan which allow a single sheet of paper become any incredible peice of art, the crafter so chooses but It focuses on folds, and cuts without a single glue to the paper frame which is traditional “Kirigami” in Japanese.

‘absorbed by light’, are a series of sculptures which queries phone addiction

created a series of statues for the Amsterdam light festival, in a work which shows individual absorbed by their hand held technology, taking up focus and drawn to the warm illuminating light of the virtual worlds. The installation is titled Absorbed by light. 

the installation is a partnership between Gali May Lucas ,a brit installation designer and method sculptor Karoline Hinz