Factory Fifteen Studios proposes Skyler: a single story city.

Ever imagine how how  the future  would be in half a century from now? food, architecture, energy and habitation. As more people move into cities and cities become ever denser, the frequency of towering structures become repeated ; to cope with the burgeoning demands.

More and more, skyscrapers are been built in Hong-Kong , Taiwan,  and New York and resources to cater. But,  ever wonder what happens to those building after a while ; how they “age” or grow with our ever changing nature and needs.  


Skyler seeks to answers those questions. This architectural visualization is proposed as a model to follow through our development, and as we age, fulfil the basic needs of a ageing population.   Created by Studio Factory Fifteen , which is better knwo for it previous work on illustravic aninmation like the ; Cocoon is a 360 degree by 220 degree spherical, immersive video installation. The concept animation features a building with grows constantly with the flux dynamics of city dwelling.


with a  concept animation created for HWKN to accompany a book written by Matthias Hollwich and Bruce Mau Design on the subject of ‘New Aging’ Skyler could hold the key to the general efficient of resources we so much crave.

The book, architectural design response and the film, communicate an ethos of ‘Live smarter now to live better forever’. The project playfully narrates a future of an increasingly aging population, within which our cities need to adapt, producing socially driven architectural responses.

Concept / Design: Matthias Hollwich & March Kushner, Robert May, Scott Miller
Director / Animator / Producer: Factory Fifteen
Sound Design: Echoic
Vo Script: Zander Cote