A simple watercolor swan sparks a painting war

A simple water color Swan on Reddit has lead to some creative works been threw about the internet space. The spark plug of this creative exchange was pioneered by a Reddit user Daddafo, who had posted his Mum’s art , asking for some appraisal to encourage her creative strides.

But the response he got took a surprisingly weird turn. With different Reddit creatives coming up with unique ways to depict his Mum holding her painting.

The art -inception follow series of artist as they attempt to capture the initial water colour Swan painting and other depictions of the painting in other painting, all in unique styles and forms ; they are familiar with.

The art-inception follow several branches of the ‘inception” with several been made spreading into a web like interconnected links of artist drawing each other , who drew Daddafo’s Mum.


10+ detailed shell painting by Mary Kenyon

Texan creative Mary Kenyon has spent some time painting and and crafting trinkets from beads and colored stones. Her recent works blends her passions into “treasures like shell”

Several of her , handpicked seas shells are ornamented with details and colors to give them an added flair.