curious chip introduces ‘ PiP ‘ a hand-held coding device

Pip is the hand-held device, designed to allow for more portability with digital creation tools. functioning in duel sense; as a gaming and tinkering platform,  the Nintendo-esque — similar to the switch — console comes with two detachable side ports which could hold controls to allow for manipulating digital contents on the low resolution screen.

Pip would aid kids, and  interested novices with premier enthusiasm into learning, experimenting and practising  with the basics of coding. Offering a mix of tinkering and task completion to solve logical problems.  Then move on to much more  advance levels and  code in multiple languages ( Javascript, Python, Lua, PHP and HTML/CSS).


The Glasgow based company, Curious Chip  kept Pip’s smart design deliberate ; and very well lose to the switch-  gaming console. to take advantage ‘split enthusiasm’ from gaming. With its central screen and detachable side controllers, Pip has a size and shape ideal for gaming. Fitting perfectly in your pocket.

 It comes preloaded  with a selection of games and apps bundled with Pip –  Snake to Pac-Man or even Minecraft – and also with a support pack for creating those games from scratch. Pip has launch a  kick starter champaign   to bring the product live before April of 2018 .


Pip would come with its own unique  programming environment, the Curiosity  which would offer a more simplified process to logic is offered through a shared cloud;  with “drag and drop system‘ and detachable raspberry board to tinker with – and tutorials  to support.

We wanted to make something that taught coding skills with real hardware,” said Curious Chip’s Sukhvir Dhillon. “It was important for us that people could use skills learned with Pip and go on to invent beyond our platform.”

The design built to run on the Raspberry Pi compute module 3 and  anchored on the the Raspbian OSlaundered as a great “need to have ” tool for introductory path  through logical programming, and has even attracted support from Eben Upton at Raspberry, and other major tech institution



Playing games on Pip is suppose to merge fun, tinkering and learning into one seamless mix. with interactive playthings, and includes coding shortcuts for drawing, collision, AI, and even fancy shader effects with documentation and emulators to test and run codes. It also is flexible around it base Raspberry broad which could be detached and tinkered with.  to create LEDs flash or tool a banana into a fire button!

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Pip’s programming tool is called Curiosity, and it’s hosted on Pip itself, accessed via WiFi from any modern web-browser, so there’s no software to download and install.


Curiosity allows Pip to be programmed using a number of popular programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, Lua, PHP and HTML5. Scratch-inspired drag-and-drop block programming is also supported with our own Google Blockly based editor, making it really easy to access all of Pip’s built-in functionality from a simple, visual programming language.

Curious Chip hopes to encourage a collaborative community and make it easy  to share the exciting things for young coders.