Edibles fossils and Chocolate Frogs : Sarah Hardy

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It seem we aren’t too far off replicating the chocolate frogs of the wizarding world of harry potter if the recent works of Sarah are considered. Sarah Hardy is an English food artist who speciality entails the creation of near realist sculptures of endangered animals in both dark and white blended  hydrated cocoa powder .

From fossils , to frogs ,starfish to marine life and invertebrates she made them all , carefully refinding the exteriors to resemble the real things.

“As a classically trained sculptor I had exhibited in galleries and worked on wax work figures and props for museums before realising I could combine my passion for sculpture with my addiction to chocolate and cake,” says Sarah. “I could explore my own artwork and interests in vanitas – in an edible medium. One that lasted long enough to be viewed, exhibited and enjoyed before being consumed and destroyed.”

She started at art school making wax work figures for museums and then on to sculpting weird and wonderful cakes, food art and confectionery. Always inspired by the natural world she also offers some of the human organs too in chocolate and will take orders to make her unique tasty confectionary for paying clients.

More info: sarahhardy.co.uk | Facebook (h/t: lostateminor)