” House of Waste ” wins sustainability award

Kamikatsu : wan awards (h/t: demilkedufunk, inhabitat)

 Kamikatsu in Tokushima prefecture Japan  is one such community committed to zero waste : aiming to become a sustainable recycling society. The town has already attained an 80% recycling rate by sorting its waste into 34 categories. Used items are displayed at the recycle centre like a store. As mass-production and mass-consumption society reaching an impasse, the world looks around to  great expectations to this traditional life-style Kamikatsu holds the beacon to that alternative.

In order to create continuity of production and consumption, and  to herald the path on continued productivity already followed , the town decided to collect all their waste materials and create a  warehouse / brewery. As a town centre to relax  and share a beer or two between members of  the milieu  also to display art-work and wares ; a general purpose eco-community centre.


Giants in Urban centers : Adrian Sommeling

Photoshop editing are a norm , but taking it one step further is perspective editing. This is where an object is made a little different to the dimensions of its backdrop.  Creating photos out of surreal situations, very often with his own son as  the main character within the scene. With  this latest project of giants in urban centers. Adrian Sommeling seeks disclose his own past and future stories.

Mr  Sommeling a photographer based in the Netherlands and  started his art in 1990 but only focused his creative energies on the advertising industry working with the government and  ad organisations.

 ” I love interacting with clients and I think I am very good at this.”  he said, ” and , I deeply believe in teamwork as one of the best means to improve and get any company’s achievements. In my earliest days my focus was on graphic and web design. “

However, some years afterwards photography, or rather digital art, has become his main preoccupation . What used to be canvas, oils and brushes have given way to photoshop and digital editing.


Media : website : Facebook : instagram : Twitter 


Mr Adrian  who also offer clients services and backgroud editing also  does video tutorial for people interested in his form of art. He uses Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw and the cartoonish effect is achieved by his working with the “emotions” and lighting of the taken photographs.

The images are mostly taken with a Nikon D3100, or an Olympus OMD interchangeably  and constantly shares his images and editing process on his facebook page with over 100k likes and growing.

Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures into dark surreal art


Illustrator Zeenchin, aka Zeen Art, blends the influences Asian, Japanese, Chinese and Korean cultures into dark surreal worlds. The Malaysian artist who currently work as a freelance illustrator and concept artist for Applibot and Kingdom Death shared some of his work on Facebook.

This former Art Director for Malaysia 3D CGI animation studio, created several of these Surreal art forms, some hauntingly beautiful, and others downright scary;  all pictures of ladies of the east Asian origins with his caricature forms of little demons.

He worked on Legend Of The Cryptids, Galaxy Saga and Kingdom Death, and several other animation project. You can take a look for your self. Be sure to have enough light in the room before you do.

Zeen Art:  Website |Facebook | Deviantart | Behance


WAR by ZeenChin

Disguise by ZeenChin

Song of Soul by ZeenChin


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Re-imagining our daily lives in a miniaturist way

Not every day we get to see ourselves from a different perspective, nor our activities in a miniaturist form. UK based  artist  Slinkachu has taken upon himself to help with that small matter. His design outfit make small people and place them in unique locations.

“The scenes I set up, more evident through the photography and the titles I give these scenes, aim to reflect the loneliness and melancholy of living in a big city, almost being lost and overwhelmed. But underneath this, there is always some humour. I want people to be able to empathize with the tiny people in my works.”

He started the ‘Little People Project’ in 2006. A miniture art practise which  remodels and paints miniature model train set characters, then sited, and photograph then leave on the street.

It is both a street art installation project and a photography project. The street-based side of the work plays with the notion of surprise and he aims to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings.

He shares his art on his Facebook page which has over 91k likes ad growing. Be sure to check him out.

Slinkachu: Website | Facebook |Twitter |Flickr























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Toyota’s Setsuna; Wooden car using the Japanese Tradition of joinery

Concept cars are nothing new, even the ones made out of wood. But, the engineers at Toyota  (kenji tsuji and his team) took it one step further with this one. The Setsuna it is called, is made out of wood  using the Japanese technique of Wood joinery.

The toyota ‘setsuna’ concept is a fully functional car, with  body made out of 86 panels of wood pieces with no external binder, like a nail, or a gum holding them in place. Every single piece was hand crafted to fit in with the design, and it debuted at the Milan 2016 design expo.

The team used traditional japanese techniques such as ‘okuriari and ‘kusabi so that the wood could be joined without nails or screws. ‘okuriari, which allows the exterior panels to be fitted and taken off without using any nails, not only increases the strength of joints but also makes it possible to make partial changes to dovetailing and mortise joints if the fastenings have worn down. Here are some of the pictures of the Setsuna: enjoy.


toyota uses traditional japanese wood joinery to assemble setsuna concept vehicle









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Hilarious pictures about the New Pokeman Go

It is out, big and freakishly addictive. With hangout holding across the nation, we can’t but join in the fun.
The new Pokemon go is a new installment from the Pokemon franchise and was just released in July 2016.The game allows players to capture, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokemon who appears throughout the real world using your Pokemon go plus, a wearable “watch-like” devise.
To play the game, one need to create an avatar then you are shown other wild avatar which one need to capture with a pokeball. One can snap, capture the wild avatar to gain points.
What makes the game enjoyable is that it brings back the joy of walking around,and exploration as it only function when the player moves around in the real world. And,there are goals to be accomplished.

Below are some hilarious picture we culled from Twitter about the new rave and addictive sweeping Australia. Enjoy.

me not playing and being left out of everything else meaningful in life.

Sir? SIR. Please put your claws away, you’re frightening the guests!

Look who decided to join me for breakfast. 😛

You won’t catch me out here looking like this sorry . . .

Police ask players to stop trying to catch Sandshrew in Darwin police station

You know this is happening.

Victory is mine! For the next 10 minutes or so.

trying to go to the bathroom at work like

All care on the roads this evening… Especially if you are out playing ….

When you bump into someone on the Street playing

Grabbing lunch with . Pulled over to the side of the road for . What is life?

I never used to go to the gym before but now I do. Thank you

“Squirtle Ladder; Who isn’t playing ?

Had a great haul today while at the park

Sorry I’m late for work, there was a Jigglypuff in the area and sent me to sleep! .



Fitting that there’s a wild rattata on the NYC subway



when someones uses a lure thats on the end of the block but ure at work and cant leave 



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Get trapped in Japan with impressive Photos by Artists

Two desingers  Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov and Nina Geometrieva both spent some time in Japan. What made their visit very peculiar was where they stayed through their stay. Spending  about two whole days in the Nakagin Towers.

Nakagin was a Capsule Hotel. It has rectangular cubicles instead of rooms; like a mouse hole– only big enough for a human to crawl in. But, what they brought back was even more amazing. Pictures, and short clips on how comfortable those capsules were, and how thing ran smoothly on the other end of the Pacific ocean.

Nakagin Tower is one of those rather rare examples of buildings where the exterior matches the interior perfectly. The compact minimalism you can observe from outside, permeates into the rooms and hallways creating a much fuller, more impactful experience. The sounds that the windows made when you adjusted them utterly surpassed any horrific sound in existence.”

Damin had written on his medium account. To see their full project click here Medium or Nina’s website (Adobe Id).

Damjan : Facebook ||  Instagram

Nina:     Website




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pretty Sushi bags!

Do you enjoy fresh fish and rice?  Do you like sushi, and ever wondered how  sushi would look on you if you wear your food?  Look no further; Sushi bags is  the new rave in Japan.They’re made by a company called Turn Over.Made to look like that delicious Japanese delicacy.


They come in three delicious varieties (tamagoyaki, salmon, and shrimp) and they all feature photo-printed fabrics that make the sushi look super realistic. They aren’t just to show off to your friends. They contain lots of pockets to keep you items on the road. But the most exciting thing about the bag is the resemblance to food. A delicious load : don’t you think?


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