Ancient art styles inspires bold contemporary designs

Brazilian artist, and art director seeks to draw inspiration from ancient art masters, and to expand design boundaries, and eventually incorparete their works into more– more contemporal works. 

Milton OmenaFolgen shared several famous artists ( picasso , Da Vinci etc. )   and the designs their works would have inspired.  Several of this new adoption feature on products labels and as logo fonts. 

I thought of painting styles and painters personalities and how each of them would have a unique logo, brand or product 


A painter whose geometric and mathematical use of primary colors created neoplasticism and left a mark in history. His style influenced not only art but architecture and dgraphic design for the remaining years


An amazingly weird man who transcended reality while maintaining a stunning realistic style. Known for his glorious mustache and irreverence. This was one of the logos I had the most fun designing. No grids, just freehand illustration.


Monet was the most influent impressonist having the style of impressionism named after one of his paintings. I took inspiration from the famous paintings he made the bridge over the lake in his garden.


Said to be a very reserverd and thoughtful person and a very meticulous artist I took inspiration from his iconic brush pattern. The brand identity became the only logical way to encompass his enormous influence.


A painter whose geometric and mathematical use of primary colors created neoplasticism and left a mark in history. His style influenced not only art but architecture and dgraphic design for the remaining years.


A rebellious man known for his dripping method of painting abstract expressionism and known for his cowboy attitude. A painter who used to paint on the floor and sometimes leave accidental cigarrete burns on his canvas due to his chainsmoking.


His paintings are among the most expensive art ever auctioned and is repeatedly referenced as a multitalented artist being not only a painter, but also sculptor. his cubist style is the most recognized even by laymen.


The biggest name in the pop-art movement. His constrating bright colors were a stire on the allure of fame and commercialism. An interesting man with very large ideas and who valued shock.


Banksy’s self shredding art ‘girl with the balloon’ inspires funny internet parodies

A few week ago, a framed copy of  the famed Banksy’s  “Girl with Balloon” work made Twitter trends with a self-shreding art  moment after being auctioned for $1.4 million at Sotheby’s. The shredding ,  ( an act which most art critics speculate Sotheby was part of ) transformed the framed print into a realtime performance art, and made the expensive painting even more expensive and the costliest  piece of performance artever sold at auction.

But the seriousness of the event nor the big money involved has stopped people from trying to imitate the performance. Making parodies of Banksy’s work by shredding any object or piece of art they could find. And it has become a meme on Instagram. Here are a few: 


More so, because the shredding was an intentional decision by Banksy — althought the artist has come out to say it wasn’t a completed one; as the shredder malfuncted half way through the performance — the performance has ‘ improved’ the cost of the already sold masterpiece,  separating it from the several prints out there.



After shred ( Michelle chan art )

michellechanart_BpTQqieAL-e - Copy


The Instagram shred.



Cusine shredder.



Cocktail ( @sethweinberg )

Enter a caption


Breast cancer ( Give pink  )



Meat shredder.



Pour ( purcari_wines  )



Potato chips



 Itichy and scratchy (celout_melb ) 



Monabanksy ( Argo-comncepts )


Banksy portrait ( K.Rod )



Office shredder


Frenchie Girl with Balloons ( tori.tubbi )



Fishy chips.


going Gone Fries ( maltesecreative scrolllab_Bo_es2IndDF




DIY  ( ikeanorge ) 


Maurice baltissen imagine animals in creative social situations.

Social media are all the rave now. And for so many- teens and celebrities alike- the day isn’t complete without a photo of the face with any intriguing backdrop.  “selfies”  as they are fondly called, are the big “thing” of our present social experience. They celebrate our love for things and help us appreciate us. 

Maurice, a netherland based 2d illustrator takes at spin on this whole culture. Using his new project; Farm selfies. He intend to ask if animals , given the chance would engage in this  move or “snappybration” .

He illustrated several farm animals in the process of taking selfies for this new work and it is hilarious. Graduated a graphic designer with focus on making  3d designs. He has so far done lots of other works.  Hi first work  ´Birthdaysuit´ centered on discovery  of the world. This allowed him a chance to travel through Europe, The Middle East and Central Asia.
” The reason I started my study in graphic design is that I love to create something that moves and influences people viewing it.” maurice had said on his website.

For some of his inpiring work do checkout his website. Below are samples of Farm selfies”  enjoy.




Media : ( GirlandWolf /ht ) : Facebook : Twitter

Ask any new parents taking care of babies can be daunting. Dealing with the constant cries , vomits , pees and scratches to the face. But the reward far out weighs the troubles all parent know , and because babies are ” adorable “.

Roc Espinet, an animator and illustrator based in Barcelona , Spain explores this theme in his new strip ” The adorables” . Follow new parents Sara and Daniel as they learn to deal with their adorable Bebe troubles.







Roc who studied animation at 9Zeros School in Barcelona and has since worked as an animator in TV shows, movies, advertising and video games has over ten year of experience with illustration , and comic creation.

” As far as I can remember, I always liked drawing and storytelling. I always remember my primary class desk full of pencil drawn stories, until the teacher made me clean them”

He recently achieved his goal of crowd funding his new comic strip ; Wolf and Girl. And would still take orders.

Debunking Movie facts: Myth VS Reality

Movies are awesome way to learn about the world, but sometimes facts are sacrificed in place of reality to spice the actions and allow for great entertainment.

Sadly most of those exaguarted actions are now becoming main stream so Lenya Brick from Brightside has made a series of illustrations that shed light on cliches that we’ve become so used to,and tries to debunk most of the supposed movies facts and norms. From badass killing of a bunch of bad guys with no weapon to shooting with multiple guns to restarting hearts at the last second, these cliches don’t hold much weight in the real world.

Below are some of those cliches and a comic attempt at setting them straight .

source: Lenya Brick




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