MooMooi design’s creative blends of flowers and sketeches


The Moomooi fashion  illustrations unveils its new collection of floral designs; a novelty project called “Some Flower Girls“. This features a cacophony of colors, vegetables, sea items and flowers, as “some Flower Girls” pushes a whimsical approach to garment styling inculcating elements , which  otherwise,  wouldn’t make the sketch table. The various sample sketches feature initial outlines laid-out by  design pen  and the the extra material pilled on to complete, and give them round finish.

The ” Some Flower Girls”  project  also include some  iconic backdrops, to better in vigor the design; giving robust definitions. Ranging from the Brooklyn bridge, Parisian towns and the Eiffel tower these backdrop come in all locations. Various vegetables were also “involved” through various iterations of the styling process,  including Broccolis !





MooMoi fashion illustration is a design outfit, based in New York. Founded  by Meredith Wing who Initial training in fashion design and architecture. For her , fashion is a form of expression through which her hope to bring joy. 

Creating whimsical art with flowers, veggies and other materials is a way for me to share what I love! Work in the fashion industry in NYC and graduate studies in architecture eventually lead me back to what I did as a kid – drawing pictures of ladies in fancy dresses and playing with my food! ”  she says. 

She has since acted as Artist-in-Residence at Soho House for Coachella 2015, graced the walls of Tokyo public plazas, created bespoke portraits for Tory Burch, adorned the interior of Cosabella’s NYC store, landed features in Town & Country and landed features in numerous international publications.

Her renowned clients include: Town & Country, Soho House, Feel Unique, Pantone, Coach, Grey Goose, Patron, Tacori, Forevermark – DeBeers, Cosmopolitan, Rebecca Minkoff, Cosabella, MUSE, Rabat, Strasburgo, Becca, HostCommittee, Wetherly Group, Thistle & Spire, Ciroc, Gemfields, HealthLab and RedCarter. 

 Custom creation of artwork for both personal and commercial purposes, as well as license of existing imagery, are available fro order. 




Maurice baltissen imagine animals in creative social situations.

Social media are all the rave now. And for so many- teens and celebrities alike- the day isn’t complete without a photo of the face with any intriguing backdrop.  “selfies”  as they are fondly called, are the big “thing” of our present social experience. They celebrate our love for things and help us appreciate us. 

Maurice, a netherland based 2d illustrator takes at spin on this whole culture. Using his new project; Farm selfies. He intend to ask if animals , given the chance would engage in this  move or “snappybration” .

He illustrated several farm animals in the process of taking selfies for this new work and it is hilarious. Graduated a graphic designer with focus on making  3d designs. He has so far done lots of other works.  Hi first work  ´Birthdaysuit´ centered on discovery  of the world. This allowed him a chance to travel through Europe, The Middle East and Central Asia.
” The reason I started my study in graphic design is that I love to create something that moves and influences people viewing it.” maurice had said on his website.

For some of his inpiring work do checkout his website. Below are samples of Farm selfies”  enjoy.



Australia’s Michael Chorney unveils portraits of kangaroos.

Media :  ( MichaelChorney/h ) : Facebook : Twitter 


Pencil sketches of the aussie national animal has been popping all around southern Australia for a while now. Recently at the famous South Australian Museum  where a public curation of the best potrait of kangaroos took place . Poise , vibrant and concise , the artwork captures wild kangaroos in unique poses. The creator artist Micheal Chorney is a Australian of Ukrainian heritage based in Adelaide.

And, his present exhibition is the combination of an intimate study of character of the Australian Kangaroo consisting of numerous drawings from 2014 and ongoing. In this series,he  concentrates on an up close and personal understanding of the nature of Australian Kangaroos and  captures the essence of their unique characters in an expressive highly energetic manner in black on white drawings on frame stretched paper.

Graduated from the ‘South Australian School of Art’ in 1976 majoring in fine art painting , Micheal worked in theatrical set construction which then led to many years in the film industry as a Scenic Artist / Set designer on various productions such as “Mad Max 3”, “Gallipolis”, “Fortress”, “The Year of Living Dangerously”, “Street fighter”. My career in the industry peaked in 1994.

He presently run the design outfit ‘Chorney Studios’ which to this day has the core activity of Design and Construction of water features, sculpture and paintings for private and corporate collectors.




In 1974 I graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art Painting from the South Australian School of Art.



Plexus Relics For Rainbows : Gabriel Dawe

Media: Gabriel Dawe : FacebookInstagram : Twitter (h/t: demilked)

The Great Gallery of Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio, is usually filled with classic art pieces that date back decades and even hundreds of years back. But now it’s been refreshed by this gorgeous man-made rainbow placed right in the middle of it.

The artist behind it is Gabriel Dawe, a Mexican-born creator who specializes in mixed media and installations made out of colored threads which look like light beams bouncing around confined spaces. The one below is his most recent installation called Plexus no. 35, which will be decorating the Toledo Museum of Art’s Great Gallery until January 22nd, 2017.


Gabriel Dawe was born in Mexico City ,  working as a graphic designer, he moved to Montreal, Canada in 2000 following a desire to explore foreign land. In search for creative freedom he started experimenting and creating artwork, which eventually led him to explore textiles and embroidery—activities traditionally associated with women and which were forbidden for a boy growing up in Mexico.

Because of this, his work is subversive of notions of masculinity and machismo that are so ingrained in his culture. By working with thread and textiles, Dawe’s work has evolved into creating large-scale installations with thread, creating environments that deal with notions of social constructions and their relation to the self-organizing power in nature.


Got Old Books ? They can get new lives as home utilities .

Any Engineer would tell you , the most efficient ways of recycling paper are either leave it degrade or to incinerated it.  But now Artists and designers are  finding innovative ways to re-purpose old paper and books that may no longer be relevant. So far, we’ve seen books transformed into Japanese lanterns, sculptures and even mini-houses cut entirely from vintage books you can now  add tableware to that list.

After experimenting with three-dimensional paper objects started in 2009, this  formerly Swedish graphic designer and bookbinder Cecilia Levy  now works full time as an dependant art creator; re-purposing old paper materials into intricate and stunting art works.

Media contact (h/t): Website | Flickr | Facebook | Twitter




ausquerry3She is hard to come by as she is always on the road planning and participating  in solo and group exhibitions in Sweden and abroad; working with public art assignments and holding workshops.

Cecilia Levy creates exquisite paper plates, bowls and natural forms using small pieces of paper taken from comic books and vintage volumes. Her art work are of an exquisite variant as they range from coloured bowls to flower bulbs to tea cups.


ausquerry4Levy focus on the inherent delicacy of paper, and leaves the original stains and discolourations of the sheets on her works as a testament to her starting material history.  Her objects are created using papier-mâché techniques, and are not varnished afterwards, to retain the emphasis on the paper itself.



Ephemeral and exquisitely made, Levy’s paper art gently evokes a sense of magic and wonder that only handmade objects can inspire, while giving new meaning to books that may otherwise have gone to waste. For more information, visit her website.

Monsters are Appearing in New York City; And Everyone is wondering why.

Monsters are appear in and around the subway in new York city to help New Yorkers deal with the ever rising stresses of their daily commutes.  Its no news how tough the New York subway is, the trains are grossly overcrowded, noise from both the trains and the conductors are hard to enjoy and the  unsavoury stench of the carts is a enough  reason for a weak stomach to puck.

But despite the chaos, many New Yorkers take it daily; to and fro from work. And most have found ways of dealing with the nasty bits of the journey., either staring at their smart-phones, sleeping , listening to music or reading a book.

The monsters are a way of lifting the mood  and bighting the commute. And they are the works of Ben Rubin from the design outfit Subwaydoodle

Media : website | Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram


Ben captures the heart of the city with his doodle , its people , and their ways of dealing with the stress in the subways of New York . From compromising positions of sleeping with a friendly monster close by tucking in , to ride on the back of a train cart.  He sketch out demons , clowns and trolls  making mockery of people’s attempt at escapism. And some even dared to visit the almighty Yankee stadium.



Ben draws each of the characters using just  his iPad and  the procreate app. The figures are carefully pictured in various subway scenes, peeking over peoples’ shoulders as they read a book, cuddling with them as they nap, and eerily looming nearby as they innocently gaze out the window. ‘subway doodle’ catalogs the time spent drawing on Ben’s daily commute, where he imagines the humorous and seamless integration of city ‘monsters’ riding the subway .

Although h sells his doodle, he doesn’t offer personal commission . All the doodles are on his Mac Air 2 using Procreate, he recommends A cheap $8 stylus. If you want to doodle like he does.













monsters of new york city sneak up on unsuspecting subway riders
Great doodle , brought the much needed laughter to the ever busy office in Melbourne.  Be sure to support his work and go on his site to buy his doodles.


Iconic directors are remade as sculptures of their famous movies: Guess who is the banana ?

American visual artist Mike Leavitt is a huge movie fan. To honor his favourite directors, Mike carved 16 wooden figures. However, their shapes are rather unusual, because the artist merged famous movie makers with iconic characters from their films.

“Great film directors get cut up,” Mike explains on his website. “They take pains with the details, story, money and sacrifices to their vision. Their body succumbs to the pressure.”

All figures are 1:4 in scale, and 18 inches tall or wide, sculpted from scratch in wood and polymer clay. “Art and film treat my pain. They’re magic. They trick me into remembering why this world is so damn beautiful,” Mike adds. 17.5k instagram followers

Media contact : Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter  (h/t: sobadsogood)


1. George Lucas

George Lucas is probably the most well-rounded movie-maker on this list. He founded at least five entertainment companies and loves to be on the cutting edge of technology. He is mostly remember for the Star Wars series and Indiana Jones which he co-produced with Steven Spielberg.  He is a cross between Jabba the Hutt  ( a gang star on the outer rim of the starwars universe) , a jedi ( the light saber) and the Wipe for indiana jones.



2. Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese can celebrate his very solid and steady body of successful films. Famous for  recent movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and Hugo. His caricature is a cross between Jesus in the last temptation of christ ,The color of money,  ranging bull and Gang of New york.



 3.David Lynch

Famous for The blue Velvet and The Elephant man , David have got some great movies under his belt. His caricature depict mostly the latter movie.

David Lynch

 4.Woody  Allen

Woody Allen rivals Steven Speilberg in the number of films he has directed. With irrational Man, Blue Jasmine and To rome with Love.  His films tend to be New York based dramas which he writes himself. Poor Allen gets to be a banana from his famous romantic comedy of the same name.


5. Francis Ford Coppola

Though his directorial stamp is unmistakable, Coppola has under his belt among the most celebrated family, political, crime and war films in the American canon.

Famous for  The Godfather” to the ever-prescient political thriller “The Conversation,” his best works are definitive genre exercises, blending unwavering realism with escalating tension and a potent moral consideration.  His caricature is a mix of those two movies.


Francis Ford Coppola

6. Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s movies feature epic and well-wrtten characters and mostly deal with race relations. with great movies like Miracle at St Anna , Crooklyn and The Clockers. His caricature is a cross of His got game and Malcolm X.

Spike Lee

7. James Cameron

After he directed Titanic , and Terminator 2,. He  went on to do the famous blue Naiv people of Pandora  in Avatar. Famous  for outlandish special effects and unbelievable budgets. His caricature is an hybrid of all his movies including the predator.

8.Kathryn Bigelow

More Famous for sweeping the Oscars than making movies , Kathryn is one of the very few women out in the director’s cut.  She has done 9 amazing movies but is more famous for

The Hurt Locker ,Zero Dark Thirty ,Break and The Widowmaker. Her caricature is the combination of all four of those movies.

Kathryn Bigelow

9. Steven Spielberg

Regarded as the best director. made the sea a scary place with blockbuster movie  Jaws. And a host of other movies like war horse , Munich , A.I and Minority Report.  His caricature is a cross between the raptors of Jurassic park , Saving private Ryan and his most iconic movie E.T. 


10. Tim Burton

A great director more known for directing dark animated features, Batman and Johnny Depp and alien attack of Mars attack.His caricature is a cross between the character in Dark shadows , Batman movies and Edward Scissorhand.


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Horrible reality if we switch places with Animals

What have we not done to them?

we have boiled , cooked , fatten and even removed their skins for fashion and horns, tusk for ornaments.  what if they are us? By some weird happenstance the animals wine up on the top of the food chain and not us? how would we feel to be skinned and chopped,  and packed into unhygienic places  before slaughter to reduced the cost of Burgers.

We at Ausquerry happen to crawled the web for scenarios where animals switched roles; and are every bit as cruel .Although an utopia where meat isn’t eaten isn’t possible,, but this hope to drive home the very troubling issues of animal cruelty.  Just because we eat them doesn’t mean we have to treat them bad.

Support:  AWS | WFF australia | Australiaanimals

#The Rabbit’s Foot for good luck charm



#2 Shark and whale hunting ( As they help to keep the Eco-system balanced )




#3 The beloved America Thanksgiving event of Turkey stuffing



#5 Duck Hunting



#6 Animal Carting



#7 Boiling Lobster alive



#8 Taking Selfies with Baby Dolphines




#9 Using corc skin as Fashion



#9 El Madedor culture ( Spain)



#10 Leaving pet out in bad weather



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Tech Abbreviations we all use but have no idea what they mean.

We are all guilt of this most times.  We use these tech abbreviations causally without know what they represent or mean completely. Well, the good folks at @ausquerry took the time to crawl the Internet- putting interns to good use- for answers and we were able  find answers to some of the common ones.

Drum row please, and here are the ten most used tech abbreviations words and their meaning in the best possible templates. Hold to your learning hats, and scroll below for some Aussie styled schooling.

1. Cable connection

2. Economic term

3.Video Player

4. Internet Search

5. Email copying

6. Website text structure

7. Television

8. Digital books

9. Browsing the Net

10. Mobile messages

11. website address

12.Encrypted connection

13. website storage

14. connection cable