Menu project is an artistic impression with Food.

Eating at a restaurant isn’t about the sustenance —It’s about the experience. A good menu is a story, with its own narrative arc. Tension is built and released, emotions are evoked and questions are raised. With Several photos of grotesque human faces spread across a canvas,  covered with distinct food materials, this is a project by two Netherlanders ;  photographer and journalist  Robert Harrison and  chef Robbie Postma  attempting to create a visual exploration of that experience .  and keep it personal they collaborated on a visual photographic experiment  they called MENU .
In their series of portraits, Robbie Postma (chef) and Robert Harrison (photographer) take the viewer back to the origin of a menu. Through visual imagination and culinary flair, they evoke every step of a fine dining experience, but rather than focusing of the final, finessed dishes, MENU makes the raw, unprocessed ingredients the heroes. Served on the closest place you can get to a chef’s mind: on his face.
we decided to use a very personal canvas. This is why our menu is not served on a plate, but on a face. And to capture the love and attention that goes into creating a good menu, we avoided any digital intervention.Every ingredient has been attached manually, no photoshop,
handcrafted with every attention to detail. Just like in a good kitchen.”  Robbie say.


When creating these images, Postma and Harrison stuck to the same principles and values a chef would when creating a menu: paying a lot of attention to the details, the composition, the preparation and of course the ingredients. From cutlery to coffee bean, every component is painstakingly prepared to produce the ultimate effect. And every grain of rice was added by hand, without the aid of digital manipulation. MENU is hand crafted. Just like the best food.
 The whole project took a year to complete from start to finish ; and each image is the result of a lengthy process of research, testing of materials, preparation, art direction, planning and of course experimenting – most shots taking sometimes up to nine hours to prepare.
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Edibles fossils and Chocolate Frogs : Sarah Hardy

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It seem we aren’t too far off replicating the chocolate frogs of the wizarding world of harry potter if the recent works of Sarah are considered. Sarah Hardy is an English food artist who speciality entails the creation of near realist sculptures of endangered animals in both dark and white blended  hydrated cocoa powder .

From fossils , to frogs ,starfish to marine life and invertebrates she made them all , carefully refinding the exteriors to resemble the real things.

“As a classically trained sculptor I had exhibited in galleries and worked on wax work figures and props for museums before realising I could combine my passion for sculpture with my addiction to chocolate and cake,” says Sarah. “I could explore my own artwork and interests in vanitas – in an edible medium. One that lasted long enough to be viewed, exhibited and enjoyed before being consumed and destroyed.”

She started at art school making wax work figures for museums and then on to sculpting weird and wonderful cakes, food art and confectionery. Always inspired by the natural world she also offers some of the human organs too in chocolate and will take orders to make her unique tasty confectionary for paying clients.

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Cream , Butter , sugar , Flour and a great piece of edible art.

Pastry chef Matteo Stucchi just proved art could be achieved anywhere with little but the creative mind and wanting to express it ; even in the kitchen , and around tonnes of flours , butter and food dye. His kitchen  which is constantly strewn with tasty desserts and treats is located in Monza Italy.

“A dessert’s looks is just as important as its taste,” says Matteo as his Donuts become pools , Baked brownies become mining sites, cake pops turn into a Ferris wheel – tweaking around the function of each food item to fit his imagination.

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The attention to detail on his pastry art is excustraiting , as he painstakingly fill , adjust and lay out  every tiny piece of ornamentations himself.

Matteo shares his successes on line- on the internet , raking in over 40k fans on his personal picture sharing social account ,In just a couple of months.

dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-25-5820e14340c95__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-26-5820e14750906__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-20-5820e1393f46c__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-19-5820e1373bab4__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-18-5820e13430578__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-17-5820e1312cf25__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-16-5820e12f34d9f__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-13-5820e12894ee7__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-12-5820e12542ce9__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-11-5820e1223cbb8__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-10-5820e11f3eff5__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-9-5820e11b53b3d__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-8-5820e1193785a__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-7-5820e11750c94__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-1-5820e1093317c__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-2-5820e10b82393__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-3-5820e10d5bcc4__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-4-5820e11137efe__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-6-5820e1154db43__880dessert-miniatures-pastry-chef-matteo-stucchi-5-5820e113380a9__880Matteo Stucchi is a pastry chef from Monza, Italy, who builds playful tasty-looking worlds using only desserts and and fills them with little figurines.

“A dessert’s looks is just as important as its taste,” says Matteo and we couldn’t agree more. Baked brownies become mining sites, cake pops turn into a Ferris wheel – there’s no limit to his wild imagination. The only thing that comes close to his creativity is his patience. The attention he gives to every detail is just amazing.

His efforts didn’t go unnoticed. In just a couple of months he reached 35,000 followers and the number of sweet tooths is constantly growing

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Colourful Breakfast Meals across the world: Which is your favourite?

For most people in the world, the Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And  It’s interesting to find out how completely different kinds of food are served up in the morning in our different part of the world – depending on the country and the culture. For some people, breakfast should light but packed full with calories to get them through the day; for others, it’s little more than a light snack to prevent fainting.

We at Ausquerry had the chance to crawl the web for meals served on breakfast tables around the world , and came up with some colorful dishes that should make your mouths water.

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What we liked: It’s very tasty.

What we didn’t like: There wasn’t enough of it.