Banksy’s self shredding art ‘girl with the balloon’ inspires funny internet parodies

A few week ago, a framed copy of  the famed Banksy’s  “Girl with Balloon” work made Twitter trends with a self-shreding art  moment after being auctioned for $1.4 million at Sotheby’s. The shredding ,  ( an act which most art critics speculate Sotheby was part of ) transformed the framed print into a realtime performance art, and made the expensive painting even more expensive and the costliest  piece of performance artever sold at auction.

But the seriousness of the event nor the big money involved has stopped people from trying to imitate the performance. Making parodies of Banksy’s work by shredding any object or piece of art they could find. And it has become a meme on Instagram. Here are a few: 


More so, because the shredding was an intentional decision by Banksy — althought the artist has come out to say it wasn’t a completed one; as the shredder malfuncted half way through the performance — the performance has ‘ improved’ the cost of the already sold masterpiece,  separating it from the several prints out there.



After shred ( Michelle chan art )

michellechanart_BpTQqieAL-e - Copy


The Instagram shred.



Cusine shredder.



Cocktail ( @sethweinberg )

Enter a caption


Breast cancer ( Give pink  )



Meat shredder.



Pour ( purcari_wines  )



Potato chips



 Itichy and scratchy (celout_melb ) 



Monabanksy ( Argo-comncepts )


Banksy portrait ( K.Rod )



Office shredder


Frenchie Girl with Balloons ( tori.tubbi )



Fishy chips.


going Gone Fries ( maltesecreative scrolllab_Bo_es2IndDF




DIY  ( ikeanorge ) 



Father recreate son’s drawing with whimsical results

Dom is six and he likes to draw, and puts his childlike whimsical ability into most of his creation, but  his father Tom would allow his drawings stay on paper alone. With a considerable photoshoping skill, Tom recreates Dom’s works posting them under his Instagram account

” It’s been an absolute pleasure helping bring some of those drawings to life with a bit of Things I Have Drawn magic. Over the next few posts you’ll see some of the pictures we’ve created together.”


Tom the unintentional finisher, Dom’s father,  had a compilation of all his whimsical  nature, and animal drawings done and published as a book on Amazon. So far they had worked with several brands including MasterCard UK.

” This week is the Goodwood Festival of Speed – a big car show in the south of England – and Mastercard UK, as its main sponsor, has run a competition asking parents to send in their kids’ designs for the ‘car of the future’.















Monsters are Appearing in New York City; And Everyone is wondering why.

Monsters are appear in and around the subway in new York city to help New Yorkers deal with the ever rising stresses of their daily commutes.  Its no news how tough the New York subway is, the trains are grossly overcrowded, noise from both the trains and the conductors are hard to enjoy and the  unsavoury stench of the carts is a enough  reason for a weak stomach to puck.

But despite the chaos, many New Yorkers take it daily; to and fro from work. And most have found ways of dealing with the nasty bits of the journey., either staring at their smart-phones, sleeping , listening to music or reading a book.

The monsters are a way of lifting the mood  and bighting the commute. And they are the works of Ben Rubin from the design outfit Subwaydoodle

Media : website | Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram


Ben captures the heart of the city with his doodle , its people , and their ways of dealing with the stress in the subways of New York . From compromising positions of sleeping with a friendly monster close by tucking in , to ride on the back of a train cart.  He sketch out demons , clowns and trolls  making mockery of people’s attempt at escapism. And some even dared to visit the almighty Yankee stadium.



Ben draws each of the characters using just  his iPad and  the procreate app. The figures are carefully pictured in various subway scenes, peeking over peoples’ shoulders as they read a book, cuddling with them as they nap, and eerily looming nearby as they innocently gaze out the window. ‘subway doodle’ catalogs the time spent drawing on Ben’s daily commute, where he imagines the humorous and seamless integration of city ‘monsters’ riding the subway .

Although h sells his doodle, he doesn’t offer personal commission . All the doodles are on his Mac Air 2 using Procreate, he recommends A cheap $8 stylus. If you want to doodle like he does.













monsters of new york city sneak up on unsuspecting subway riders
Great doodle , brought the much needed laughter to the ever busy office in Melbourne.  Be sure to support his work and go on his site to buy his doodles.


Horrible reality if we switch places with Animals

What have we not done to them?

we have boiled , cooked , fatten and even removed their skins for fashion and horns, tusk for ornaments.  what if they are us? By some weird happenstance the animals wine up on the top of the food chain and not us? how would we feel to be skinned and chopped,  and packed into unhygienic places  before slaughter to reduced the cost of Burgers.

We at Ausquerry happen to crawled the web for scenarios where animals switched roles; and are every bit as cruel .Although an utopia where meat isn’t eaten isn’t possible,, but this hope to drive home the very troubling issues of animal cruelty.  Just because we eat them doesn’t mean we have to treat them bad.

Support:  AWS | WFF australia | Australiaanimals

#The Rabbit’s Foot for good luck charm



#2 Shark and whale hunting ( As they help to keep the Eco-system balanced )




#3 The beloved America Thanksgiving event of Turkey stuffing



#5 Duck Hunting



#6 Animal Carting



#7 Boiling Lobster alive



#8 Taking Selfies with Baby Dolphines




#9 Using corc skin as Fashion



#9 El Madedor culture ( Spain)



#10 Leaving pet out in bad weather



                      MORE– SLIDE SHOW

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A Bunny gets one cool shade and a photoshop war ensues

For one thing , the access to editing tools (Softwares ) is common place , like cat on the Internet the after effect on an editing war is always fun to look at. No one require any extra invitation to have fun , so when   James Gould-Bourn  bored panda puts a pair of sun glasses on his bunny and puts up a snap of that adorable cutie on the web, the trolls did need any second invitation have have fun with it.

What they came up with were some of the most Hilarious photo-shop edits on the planet. Below are some of  the fantastic ways they try to make the poor bunny look even more cuter.

#1 Doc Bunny Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme Just Arrived From The Hole.


#2 BUN teacher



#3 secret service bunny

Secret Service Bunny


#4 myth busting bunny



#5 The Rogue-bunny

Biker Bunny


#6 Swedish house Dog and Bunnys


With Pals


#7 Chewie-bunny



#8 lethal Bunny

From A Different Scene



You Know You Love Me


#10 no idea bunny

Hunter S. Rabbit

you could go check out the more of the pictures on the link above.

Things people who love food too well will understand.

Food. One of great pleasures of life. Cakes and cupcakes, pizzas and hamburgers, soups and stews, croissants and creme brulee (my personal favourite), and many many more sweet and savoury dishes make our life so much more satisfying and wonderful! Lingvistov has been drawing funny comics and illustrations with food jokes for a long time and have chosen their favourite ones for this post to make all of your foodies there smile!

If you love food (and who doesn’t, really?), you’ll love these Lingvistov illustrations. There’s humour in everything and food is no exception!

Contact (h/t) : Website | Facebook |Twitter|Instagram

10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To


10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

10 Things Every Foodie Can Relate To

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Art is everywhere Paper Artist try intricate cut-outs on real Objects proves it

Kristián Mensa is an  18-year-old artist and illustrator from Prague who  believe that inspiration can be found at every single corner all around. He try to show this by  using the most ordinary and simple objects and themes to prove that art can be applied almost everyhwere, anytime.

Just take a look and hopefully these will inspire you to look at the world differently and appreciate all the little things.

Contact : Website | Facebook | Instagram

Pretzel Meditation

Brush Hedgehog


Avocado Mouse

Time To Rest

Ladder To The SkyGoku Feather Unicorn

Kiwi But Not ReallyI Should Be Cutting The Grass But Instead I Am Painting



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Debunking Movie facts: Myth VS Reality

Movies are awesome way to learn about the world, but sometimes facts are sacrificed in place of reality to spice the actions and allow for great entertainment.

Sadly most of those exaguarted actions are now becoming main stream so Lenya Brick from Brightside has made a series of illustrations that shed light on cliches that we’ve become so used to,and tries to debunk most of the supposed movies facts and norms. From badass killing of a bunch of bad guys with no weapon to shooting with multiple guns to restarting hearts at the last second, these cliches don’t hold much weight in the real world.

Below are some of those cliches and a comic attempt at setting them straight .

source: Lenya Brick




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Paper Lanterns for Design geeks: Origami

Animal paper-lamps are the products of  OWL  design outfit, a design brand created in 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal.Inspired by the origami art of folding paper figures, OWL combined modelling with illumination to design original papercraft lamps.

The lamps are built to catch the eyes, and to stand out in a room; whether lit or turned off. Citing the producers:

“We invite you to join the process and build your own model, as all OWL paperlamps consist of a DIY kit with everything you need to assemble our designs. We prepare the challenge, you accomplish it. We hope you enjoy our OWL paperlamps as much as we do. If you have any difficulty, you can always contact us and we’ll try to give you our best support.”

We ordered some of them, a great addition to the reading room or the pantry (room).  Check out some of OWL’s designs below.

contact : website | Facebook | etsy |Instagram

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