3D Art Canvas with real human subjects : Alexa Meade

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Perspective-bending artwork makes the 3D world look like a 2D painting. In her latest project collaboration, Alexa Meade’s art acts as a medium for the visual storytelling of Color of Reality. 

Alexa Meade is an artist who uses humans as her canvas. She turns them into living, breathing portraits. The effect is quite astonishing as her technique harnesses optically dis-illusion and tricks the senses into a 2d perception  for what is a live portrait painting ; with human subjects.

Speaking in 2008, she had said “I started covering  things in paint, from trees to blades of grass. I wanted to reference  what was directly beneath the paint, and capture the shadows dripping on  the landscape.”

From there she had  moved on to painting Human subjects where she is free to splash and blend colours .  Meade has exhibited her live installations and photo prints at the Saatchi Gallery in London, Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in DC, Ivo Kamm Gallerie in Switzerland, and Ingo Seufert Gallery for Contemporary Photography in Germany.

Mercedes-Benz, Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren, and MINI Cooper commissioned her to create large-scale live installation experiences in public spaces in Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Madrid. Her portrait subjects include such individuals of note as triple-Grammy Award winner Gotye.


She has given lectures at CalArts, UC-Berkeley, National Geographic London, Adobe, and WIRED. Her TED Talk titled “Your Body Is My Canvas” has been viewed over 2 million times.

Meade’s artwork has been featured in

  • The Wall Street Journal,
  • The Washington Post,
  • The London Telegraph,
  • The Guardian,
  • CNN
  • The Today Show,
  • Al Jazeera,

Nippon Television, NPR, NY Arts Magazine, Slate, Juxtapoz Magazine, Glamour Magazine, Details Magazine, Esquire Magazine, and Italian Elle Magazine.

Jay-Z’s Life & Times made a video about Alexa’s creative process that also captured a sneak peek at one of her side projects: transforming her Los Angeles home into a Funhouse. Other passion projects include turning her garage into a camera obscura theater, designing tessellating shape tiles, and making a jigsaw puzzle for the blind. Scroll below for some of her works:


Alexa is currently working on a couple of tech collaborations playing with augmented reality as well as virtual reality. She’s creating some tessellating shape tiles as a design toy that helps build spatial intelligence.


The titanium Exo prosthetic Leg with sensory balancing

Mesh exo-prosthesis is custom-built for each wearer by scanning the corresponding intact limb and mirroring the image with rendering software before 3D printing the replacement limb. An array of pattern and color choices allow patients to further personalize the final product.  Molded from laser-sintered titanium,  to be light weight  and easy to make , culling the price of the conventional prostheses cheaper .

 William Root  a former operator  of Laser Cutters and 3D Printers it RP lab at Pratt Institute Lab seeks to  engineer ,  and  an industrial designer graduate of Pratt, hopes , with this futuristic structure of geometrically intersecting metal strands a better form of artificial limbs . Designed to merge structural strength, lightweight construction, and minimalist elegance, the hollow Exo Prosthetic Leg is molded from laser-sintered titanium into an intricate


Media : William Root (h/t)


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