Super Magnification of insects by the ALPA’S SWITAR LENS

in the world of macro photography, swiss-optical company ALPA challenges the limits of photography as we know it. its latest product, the exclusive rodenstock/ALPA lens macro switar 105 mm,  allows users to display even the smallest parts of insect hair.
photographer bernhard schurian extensively tested the sophisticated lens at the museum für naturkunde in berlin, in combination with the ALPA 12 FPS. in addition to the mass digitization of the collection, he has portrayed particularly interesting and spectacular animals.

ALPA 12 FPS and macro switar

to document its complexities, bernhard schurian needed equipment for macro photography and an optimal workflow. however, with the use of conventional camera systems and macro objectives, only a limited resolution could be achieved. important details were not recognisable in the desired quality. ralph rosenbauer, ALPA‘s scientific consultant, developed a special set-up that goes beyond these possibilities and delivered unusually good results.

 the requirements for this set-up quickly exceeded the previously known standards: on the one hand, the camera had to be movable, which required the highest precision. every little bump would have affected the results. ALPA solved this problem with a motorised carriage which is normally used for optical experiments and lasers and allows steps of 0.1 micrometer each. this corresponds to 0.0001 millimeters.

its comparatively long focal length allows for a comfortable working distance and thus facilitates the light setup
image © ralph rosenbauer, ALPA

in addition, the lens had to be able to resolve the fine structures of insects — a requirement that even the most powerful macro lenses meet only conditionally. the rodenstock/ALPA macro switar 105 mm, however, offers an optimal resolution even at the widest aperture, and can be perfectly adapted to the respective imaging scales thanks to its ‘floating element’.

its comparatively long focal length allows for a comfortable working distance and thus facilitates the light setup.

 the triggering of the shutter was another major challenge, due to the vibrations that lead to misalignment between individual images.

 the shells of many species of insects have extreme contrasts in the macro image, especially when black surfaces alternate with bright hair, bristles or iridescent spots.

 the end result makes it possible to look at insects as they have never been seen before

dipt asilidae microstylum – 725 images taken with the ALPA 12 FPS, macro switar 5.6/105 mm and stacking solution on a phase one IQ3 100 MP digital back and stacked
image © bernhard schurian

eumorpha achemon 550 images taken with the ALPA 12 FPS, macro switar 5.6/105 mm and stacking solution on a phase one IQ3 100 MP digital back and stacked
image © bernhard schurian

hym exaerete – 206 images taken with the ALPA 12 FPS, macro switar 5.6/105 mm and stacking solution on a phase one IQ3 100 MP digital back and stacked
image © bernhard schurian

small insects make a great impression
image © bernhard schurian

bernhard schurian printing hym exaerete for the exhibition
image © bernhard schurian

bernhard schurian printing eumorpha achemon for the exhibition
image © bernhard schurian



Lofree’s retro-Keyboards for typewriters nostalgics


The background lights change colors and lite up the Keyboard in situations of little  efflorescence. This is no ordinal keyboard, yet it’s a little similar although but to be a facsimile of sometime else.  The Lofree ‘s  keyboards are  available in a series of bright matte to match the different taste of users.

This is a unique hardware as it is more a typewriter than the contemporary “keying” in-put devices which accomplices the modern PC . With spherical keys to accentuates the tap of each hit ,mechanical switches to reenact  the “clack”  sound-bit when the they are tapped makes them more of cross between the typewriter and the Keyboard than the real thing. But the feeling, which comes from taping for the clacks,  still falls well in place with using the  real typewriters. 



And ,despite the typewriter been from a past era,  Lofree believes they could awaken the sense of nostalgia for the new copy  – or electronic typewriter-, although the similarities ends with the User experience and aesthetics of the device. Lofree’s devices work on electricity.  According to the PR campaign to get these product to users, it markets the keyboards as  : 

The only mechanical keyboard which comes with your familiar Apple Magic keyboard layout. ”

The compact lofree keyboard is packed with awesome specs:

  • Choose wired or wireless mode
  • Compatible for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android
  • Pair up to three devices simultaneously
  • Three different backlit settings
  • ….and more!

Lofree is a startup who has designed these awesome portable keyboards, which are a throwback to yesteryear because they’re inspired by mechanical typewriters. They are offering a promotion, to giveout a few of the keyboards for testing. Checkout their website to sign-up.  


Meet Gita, a cargo-bot to help carry and deliver all your stuff.

 piaggio gita cargo bot 11
 piaggio gita cargo bot 12
Gita is PFF’s first  proportioned commercial product  launched in february second of this year (2017), it is supposed to match-up with speed , and coordination of the average human.  It is mostly autonomous and can , start, brake and continue motion based on command or control. 
PFF gita to free everyone from heavy task, and also provide some sort of assistance for the elderly, and physically challenged.  On the reason to outsource your your grocery run, PFF say: 

” think about how differently you would move if your hands were free, carrying cumbersome belongings wasn’t a consideration, and you had a companion who moved just like you do,’  




The Cargo -bot comes with  storage  different compartments to carry items  — freeing up your hands. It design also took into consideration breakable item, hence the wheel rotate independently from the carriage compartments keep the same parts in upright level all through it movement. And the rubber wheels help cushion vibration keeping delicate materials safe.

It comes with  LED lighting and an indicator bulb to keep track of battery levels. As for the misc, PFF is only releasing a bright blue color, white and flower blue- light violet-more is expected if this becomes quite successful.


gita cargo bot




gita display help with  battery levels and charging progress, as well as general notifications



Baade outfits damp logs with crystals lighting. And it’s brilliant


Coffee tables  lamps are an important resource for any bookworm. Mostly plastics and bulky, they aren’t exactly a perfect solution for the most conscious environmentalist, so what how would the books be read?  Manuel Baade , designer– part Carpenter- and animator from Germany proposes a natural model alternative which  he believes to have solve this problem. The  eco-cystrals.

A strong nature lover, his daily walks into the Forest to collect eatable Mushrooms brought him into the idea, after little mishap which see him collecting bio-luminescence  Mushrooms.Fascination brought him into  Electronics, LED Technologies and tool which came in handle through the production of his log-lamps.

Baade’s design is basic: the log to hold and serve as stand. Mountain crystals to intensify the level off luminosity and there is the connection to power. Where this design shine is the blend of the natural and artificial;  the  idea and simplicity of the natural environment brought to the reading table. He currently offer them for sale on his online store , and share some of his designs here



Fraktura – the second Life of a Piece of Deadwood and a few Mushrooms.


Simon Forgcas rethinks coffee table lighting with Mono lamps

Mono Lamp is a personal side project of Simon Forgács , an hungarian Ux designer . The  design of the lamp is inspired by TV test cards which sort to capture the essence of TV for the generation who grew up in the ‘80s & ‘90s.
The beautiful wooden stand seen on these images was designed by Claus Jensen & Henrik Holbaek from Tools. Simon is available on social media ( Twitter : Facebook )  to connect and share some of his other project
could be functional as an added lighting for late night work or just purely for its aesthetic value.

Vivien Muller animates mundane tech devices for more interaction


The WatchMe (Watchus cyclopus) is a newfound species, a (h)armless cyclops monster that was endemic to Vivien Muller’s office, east of France in the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia.WatchMe has been selectively bred for months for various behaviors, cord management capabilities, and physical attributes.
It has no external ears and has very poor eyesight, however, it can be greatly improved by peculiar spectacles called « SmartWatch ».The domestic WatchMe performs many roles for people, such as decorating a bedside, companionship, and charging a wearable technology.A farmed WatchMe will be released at the end of year if a large adoption campaign succeeds.
 (  Vivienmuller /ht ) : Facebook : Twitter : Vimeo
 The watchme react to object close or within it sensory range
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