Black Panther: Design symbolism and African art on display

the black panther, a marvel  cinematic fleck about a warrior king in a fight for his throne  feature several significant array of cultural emblems ;  and arty elements  of  the futuristic state.  the over 120 mins display featured colors and designs; motifs predominate to equatorial, and southern Africa, and unique elements of African cultures. bringing to limelight an articulated level of detail and an in-depth coverage of the continent.

Wakanda, the fictional African nation in which Ryan Coogler’s film unfolds, is thoroughly captivating—a seamless blend of ancient and modern:  of tribal tradition objectives and ultra-high-tech glossiness. That balance is perhaps nowhere more apparent than in the costumes and architecture.

DWORVKwU8AUdcKothe monkey Mask, worn by the villian, Erik Killmonger .

DWORVKwVAAAJSQLMgbedike : ritualistic ornamentations of the Igbos in south Eastern Nigeria.

the splatters of matte, and infusion of tradition with futurist technology is the joint work of :  Ruth E. Carter, an award winning costume designer;  with a lengthy list of  costume works–  Malcolm X, Jungle fever and Selma. 

I went into  my interview with Ryan Coogler with a lot of images from Africa, Afropunk, and art images. We were able to extrapolate a story with those based on what he wanted to do. There was a bible created by him that explained where people belonged. Certain people were a part of our merchant tribe, others were a part of Lupita [Nyong’o]’s tribe, the river tribe. There were eight or nine areas of Wakanda that needed to be explore..

Ruth told  thefader . working jointly with  Hannah Beachler  the primary production designer for Black Panther. On the fashion and styles of the imaginative universe,

…Ryan Coogler was no different, in that he wanted us to all think of this fictitious world of Wakanda as a place that was never colonized by the Dutch or the English. What would that look like?…. ” and We had an enormous number of boards that outlined the costume looks of each district of Wakanda. 



architecture and technology of Wakanda also draw richly from the African norms.  in some instances, exact facsimiles were made with only few variations; the Jabari mountainous tribe of Wakanda inspired by a similar  Dogon tribe were exact copies with a slight altering. the north-eastern clans were adaptions of Tuareg — sub-Saharan desert dwellers of Africa– and the Niger basin tribes, morphed into the richest, and mostly  merchant group. others include:

The distinctive red earth rammed floor on the palace floor and on the hairs and skin of the one of  the council chiefs was inspired by the Himba people of north-western Namibia.


“otjize”, is the distinct red earth coating applied on their skin and hair to keep them moist and protected from the arid desert climate.



Zulu headdress., seen here on Queen Ramonda, mother of the warrior king It’s reminiscent of the reed Zulu flared hats or “Isicholos.”


The Zulu headdresses are traditionally worn by married women for ceremonial celebrations.


The  mouth Lip dish from the water tribe are from the Mursi and Surma of Ethiopia.  these  form  parts of  a ritualistic, ceremonial body modification of the Mursi, and their neighboring Surmi tribes.

While many cultures use them ( Papua New Guinea)  they’re best known with  Surma and Mursi tribes in Ethiopia. Who also follow the tradition of  body mutilation, or indentation.

Ndebele Neck Rings


The army and all female royal guards — the Dora Milaje — featured outfits with a prominent ring layered collars,  laced  with colorful  ornaments. And   gets its roots with the South Ndebele peoples of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The overall costume is quirky blend of the traditional Ndebele rings , a touch of the Masai fashion and the generic sci-fi clothing ordinance.


The Masai use spears exclusively.


Ndebele Neck Rings are worn as part of their traditional dress and as a sign of wealth and status.


The Basotho Blanket worn by the border tribal leader — W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) —  around their necks. comes from tribes around the foot of the Table mountains in South Africa.  the Lesotho people  are one such tribe, but the movie costume added  patterns from the Sesotho people.

dwosce2vaaelpim.jpg Most the regalia adorned feature Cat patterns due to it been historically made from animal hides.


And lastly, Zuri — Forest Whittaker– the spiritual leader of Wakanda,  is dressed in Agbada,  or Babariga  a flowing robe mostly predominate with Yoruba clans of the lower Niger, and Berber tribes North Africa.
11ffNdebgele Neck Rings

Iconic directors are remade as sculptures of their famous movies: Guess who is the banana ?

American visual artist Mike Leavitt is a huge movie fan. To honor his favourite directors, Mike carved 16 wooden figures. However, their shapes are rather unusual, because the artist merged famous movie makers with iconic characters from their films.

“Great film directors get cut up,” Mike explains on his website. “They take pains with the details, story, money and sacrifices to their vision. Their body succumbs to the pressure.”

All figures are 1:4 in scale, and 18 inches tall or wide, sculpted from scratch in wood and polymer clay. “Art and film treat my pain. They’re magic. They trick me into remembering why this world is so damn beautiful,” Mike adds. 17.5k instagram followers

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1. George Lucas

George Lucas is probably the most well-rounded movie-maker on this list. He founded at least five entertainment companies and loves to be on the cutting edge of technology. He is mostly remember for the Star Wars series and Indiana Jones which he co-produced with Steven Spielberg.  He is a cross between Jabba the Hutt  ( a gang star on the outer rim of the starwars universe) , a jedi ( the light saber) and the Wipe for indiana jones.



2. Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese can celebrate his very solid and steady body of successful films. Famous for  recent movies like The Wolf of Wall Street and Hugo. His caricature is a cross between Jesus in the last temptation of christ ,The color of money,  ranging bull and Gang of New york.



 3.David Lynch

Famous for The blue Velvet and The Elephant man , David have got some great movies under his belt. His caricature depict mostly the latter movie.

David Lynch

 4.Woody  Allen

Woody Allen rivals Steven Speilberg in the number of films he has directed. With irrational Man, Blue Jasmine and To rome with Love.  His films tend to be New York based dramas which he writes himself. Poor Allen gets to be a banana from his famous romantic comedy of the same name.


5. Francis Ford Coppola

Though his directorial stamp is unmistakable, Coppola has under his belt among the most celebrated family, political, crime and war films in the American canon.

Famous for  The Godfather” to the ever-prescient political thriller “The Conversation,” his best works are definitive genre exercises, blending unwavering realism with escalating tension and a potent moral consideration.  His caricature is a mix of those two movies.


Francis Ford Coppola

6. Spike Lee

Spike Lee’s movies feature epic and well-wrtten characters and mostly deal with race relations. with great movies like Miracle at St Anna , Crooklyn and The Clockers. His caricature is a cross of His got game and Malcolm X.

Spike Lee

7. James Cameron

After he directed Titanic , and Terminator 2,. He  went on to do the famous blue Naiv people of Pandora  in Avatar. Famous  for outlandish special effects and unbelievable budgets. His caricature is an hybrid of all his movies including the predator.

8.Kathryn Bigelow

More Famous for sweeping the Oscars than making movies , Kathryn is one of the very few women out in the director’s cut.  She has done 9 amazing movies but is more famous for

The Hurt Locker ,Zero Dark Thirty ,Break and The Widowmaker. Her caricature is the combination of all four of those movies.

Kathryn Bigelow

9. Steven Spielberg

Regarded as the best director. made the sea a scary place with blockbuster movie  Jaws. And a host of other movies like war horse , Munich , A.I and Minority Report.  His caricature is a cross between the raptors of Jurassic park , Saving private Ryan and his most iconic movie E.T. 


10. Tim Burton

A great director more known for directing dark animated features, Batman and Johnny Depp and alien attack of Mars attack.His caricature is a cross between the character in Dark shadows , Batman movies and Edward Scissorhand.


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