Lion cats: Artist represents Cats as Lions and got beautiful results

photographer Robert Sijka plays artist with the Maine Coons – the largest domesticated breed of cats in the world. They are the closest you can get to owning a docile wild animal look a like. Quoting his website: My passion … Continue reading Lion cats: Artist represents Cats as Lions and got beautiful results

Dog-instagramers: Foodie pup Popeye

For our second take at Dog-instagramers we take a jealous look at this a adorable Pup who loves to take food snaps. We all seem to get our attention stolen by pictures of perfect food porns  not for just because we want to gulp everything but just for the perfect they represent. So how do one make food porn even better? add a an adorable dog . A rescued mutt from the Los Angeles area who absolutely loves dining out with his human owners at the Dipsgrill. Popeye proofs one thing; that dog makes food look more delicious ( not … Continue reading Dog-instagramers: Foodie pup Popeye

A Funny day with European ground Squirrels

Nature can be beautiful at times and other-times quirky. Henrik Spranz, a German Nature Photographer captures the essence of this changing characteristics of nature in the ground squirrels living in Austria. Sneaking around them in their natural habitat and taking snaps of their daily activities and sometimes funny attempts at climbing trees. Although Mr Henrik is a software developer, he has the  passion for photography taking a wide rang of pictures from Landscape to animals to plants and natural rock formation. The collection below was taken from his Facebook wall Album: Bigger creatures. He has taken alot of photos of … Continue reading A Funny day with European ground Squirrels

Hilarious Dog-stagrams you should check out

For our series on Icons of Instagram, we will be looking at spectacular Dogs-instagramers.  Instagram account maintained by Dog owners.For this week we begin where it all started, with Jermzlee. This account is maintained by Jeremy Veach, and his adorable pet Norm shareing their adventures together as they walk, tarvel and do stupid things together;a delight to watch, with Norm taking the photos *wink* wink* Norm snapped his first selfie a few months ago and posted it with a new ‪#‎petselfiez‬ tag, differentiating it from other selfies on Instagram. Says Jeremy, “my followers loved it so I kept it going!” … Continue reading Hilarious Dog-stagrams you should check out