Hilarious pictures about the New Pokeman Go

It is out, big and freakishly addictive. With hangout holding across the nation, we can’t but join in the fun.
The new Pokemon go is a new installment from the Pokemon franchise and was just released in July 2016.The game allows players to capture, battle, train, and trade virtual Pokemon who appears throughout the real world using your Pokemon go plus, a wearable “watch-like” devise.
To play the game, one need to create an avatar then you are shown other wild avatar which one need to capture with a pokeball. One can snap, capture the wild avatar to gain points.
What makes the game enjoyable is that it brings back the joy of walking around,and exploration as it only function when the player moves around in the real world. And,there are goals to be accomplished.

Below are some hilarious picture we culled from Twitter about the new rave and addictive sweeping Australia. Enjoy.

me not playing and being left out of everything else meaningful in life.

Sir? SIR. Please put your claws away, you’re frightening the guests!

Look who decided to join me for breakfast. ๐Ÿ˜›

You won’t catch me out here looking like this sorry . . .

Police ask players to stop trying to catch Sandshrew in Darwin police station

You know this is happening.

Victory is mine! For the next 10 minutes or so.

trying to go to the bathroom at work like

All care on the roads this evening… Especially if you are out playing ….

When you bump into someone on the Street playing

Grabbing lunch with . Pulled over to the side of the road for . What is life?

I never used to go to the gym before but now I do. Thank you

“Squirtle Ladder; Who isn’t playing ?

Had a great haul today while at the park

Sorry I’m late for work, there was a Jigglypuff in the area and sent me to sleep! .



Fitting that there’s a wild rattata on the NYC subway



when someones uses a lure thats on the end of the block but ure at work and cant leaveย 



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