Lofree’s retro-Keyboards for typewriters nostalgics


The background lights change colors and lite up the Keyboard in situations of little  efflorescence. This is no ordinal keyboard, yet it’s a little similar although but to be a facsimile of sometime else.  The Lofree ‘s  keyboards are  available in a series of bright matte to match the different taste of users.

This is a unique hardware as it is more a typewriter than the contemporary “keying” in-put devices which accomplices the modern PC . With spherical keys to accentuates the tap of each hit ,mechanical switches to reenact  the “clack”  sound-bit when the they are tapped makes them more of cross between the typewriter and the Keyboard than the real thing. But the feeling, which comes from taping for the clacks,  still falls well in place with using the  real typewriters. 



And ,despite the typewriter been from a past era,  Lofree believes they could awaken the sense of nostalgia for the new copy  – or electronic typewriter-, although the similarities ends with the User experience and aesthetics of the device. Lofree’s devices work on electricity.  According to the PR campaign to get these product to users, it markets the keyboards as  : 

The only mechanical keyboard which comes with your familiar Apple Magic keyboard layout. ”

The compact lofree keyboard is packed with awesome specs:

  • Choose wired or wireless mode
  • Compatible for Mac, iOS, Windows and Android
  • Pair up to three devices simultaneously
  • Three different backlit settings
  • ….and more!

Lofree is a startup who has designed these awesome portable keyboards, which are a throwback to yesteryear because they’re inspired by mechanical typewriters. They are offering a promotion, to giveout a few of the keyboards for testing. Checkout their website to sign-up.  


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