Best 10 video games for June/July

With the Pokemon fever , it seem this is the season for games to finally make it to main stream entertainment and not left to the Boys and Nerdy girls out there. There are tonnes of game sset to make their debate this years and we ask our tech editor Dave to  rank  the ones he thought would make significant wave in the video gaming world for the june/july conner.

“No man sky  would have topped my list along with Wild, but sadly the release date got move forward due to producers and distributors dispute for No man Sky while Wild was relaese ” Dave

Here are the top ten June/july top 10 game to anticipate for.

1. Dead by daylight

This game is bursting severs in both Thailand and Korea. You get to be a kill and attack teen on a camping trip. It is creepy and downright scary. But would be fun for those who like killing stuff in movies.



2. Sherlock holmes the devil’s daughter

Like the name . You would be solving mysteries and doing real fighting. This game makes a shift from the ancient Sherlock to the new Robert Dwayne  Junior like character packed with action.And there are puzzles too. Great game you should try this one



3.Umbrella Corps

Like the name, yes this is a spin-off of the Resident Evil franchise. Zombies, and dead people. Great visuals and tight response with the sound and reactions in point. Massive RPG style gaming. Nothing unique about its story but just a fun game to play.


4. mirrors edge catalyst

The part two of the game series. It is an open world kind of game where you get to run ,climb and crawl through a futuristic world. A great game over all.


5. Elder Scrolls

Wonderful game. This is an online game . Tight graphics and quick action, quite similar to Assassins creed. You get recruit by a guild of evil killers, a you explore their true nature and reason for your recruitment.


6. Technomancer

This is a Sci-fi RPG for Ps4 and Xbox alone. The game is set in the future in Mars. The play gets to live through the life of the main characters as his past hunts his future.



7. star ocean integrity and faithlessness

Serious action JRPJ . Great visual and battle music and non turn based game. With it anime style graphic, it is a great game to sink your mind into.


8. lego star wars the force awakens game

The Lego series continuous with the latest installment of the Star-wars franchise. If you like the last Star-wars, then you should check this out.$Icon$


9. Mighty no 9

This is a mix between super mario and Pokemon game. All heavy energy firing and heavy action. Simple and can be enjoyed by all.


Dangerous golf

This is an attempt at making the golf game enjoyable. You destroy stuff with your golf balls and get the added bonus to see your balls catch fire.

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