Wu chu amazing sculptures from upcycled gold foils

Creativity takes various famous, either a sureal sculpture from fruits or a colourful bird from paper, they are worth appreciating. Most importantly when it uses up garbage and lessens the amount of trash going to landfill.

Creative Ciro Wai  , a Chinese artist utilizes waste wrappers from Ferrero Rocher ( a chocolate brand ) for a series of impressive miniature sculptures. His process up-cycles the left-over gold foils in a series of sculptures dedicated to Chinese zodiac signs. And with several other collection of real and mythical animals.

A few of his projects are shown below:


Vertigo Obscuro set to open ” the wave” in London

Vertigo’s interactive installation The Wave responds, allowing you to co-create the evening’s experience, with a constantly changing pattern of sound and light along Riverside Walkway on the South Bank.

The Wave consists of 40 triangular, interactive, luminous gates. These gates respond to movement sonically and visually allowing audiences to co-create the artistic experience. The Wave acts as a beacon of light in the ongoing darkness of winter.

The installation was originally created for display at Ofelia Plads, Copenhagen, Denmark as part of Frost Festival 2017. It was commissioned by Frost Festival and in Association Ofelia Plads and designed by the Danish company, Vertigo Obscuro;
Riverside Walkway is owned and managed by Coin Street Community Builders.

Kane’s Golemecha blends Jewish and Japanese mythology.

This sculpture feature a mixed media assembly of  Judaic folklore; ”  golem”  ( a protector made from mud and sticks).And the “Mecha”, a  Japanese tale ; a culture of protectors made from advance robotics.  the Golemecha takes its form from combining both uniquely Asian cultures, with the intention  to create a modern day mystical protector of things.

 the “awesome art ” project reconstruction feature not only  nature but technology as well. as the overall feel is a mixtures of organic materials and synthetic ones: plastic, welded metals rods, wires-mesh, plaster wrap, 3d printed parts, glue, spray paint , borax, branches, roots trees kits. Led kits, preserved moss, and bonsai, copper plating, and patina kits


The Golemecha  is the  art project of Garret Kane, an assemblage sculpture artist based in Brooklyn NY   who has also made similar mixes of materials to create art projects before. All of which had seek to alter natural materials.

… I still think it’s important to jump into the fire and create a philosophy to build upon – a fundamental understanding of what it is you are doing and why you are doing it,”  Garret Kane  says, “Because let’s face it, being an artist can feel quiet ambiguous.” 







Gilles visualizes animals in recycle materials

Various lifelike replicas of apes dot the museum in central Spain , made from non conventional materials, standing in more as motifs than art forms, and brought to life by the creative mind of  design artist Gilles cenazandotti . These sculptures do more than offer aesthetic sensibility to the space, as they seek– through the artist creation — to more than visualise effects of some what human excess to our planet, in form of waste and in length attract attention to animal welfare.


Cenazandotti uses garbage, and random wastes collected  from the piles of washed up materials on the shores of his homeland beaches. But to create his ” semi-robotic”  , sculptures of endangered animals — such as the baboon and the polar bear– He had to spand hours shifting through materials.

among cenazandotti’s found objects are plastic bottles, combs and children’s toys. his materials are entirely plastic, rejected from the ocean and unadulterated from the state in which they have been found. the artist plays on irony, creating the beautiful animals from by-products of petroleum—a substance that is largely to blame for destroying their natural habitats and surrounding environments. his work highlights man’s forcing of animals to adapt to new, different habitats, and at the same time points towards a limit, when the sea can no longer absorb human waste.


An abundant of mediums and materials to choose from is an unfortunate situation and, is testament to the fact that excessive the human waste is to blame for the near-extinction of these species.


through his sculptures, the corsican artist attempts to show ‘a technological paroxysm where man tries to imitate nature through artificial recreation.’ his science fiction-like sculptures at once appealing and uncomfortable reinforce the idea that natural creation is far from human representation.previosly the head of a design company, cenazandotti has made a name for his unique style. the artist has collaborated to create site-specific design commissions with fashion designer jean paul gaultier and realized a series of interior fabrications with interior designer philippe starck

John Lopez unveils life-size scrap metal sculptures

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Gargantuan horses , bears , dinosaurs and huge bisons dot the landscape in southern Dakota , USA. Mostly made up of scrap metals carefully welded bits by bits to  the shapes they are now;  almost life-sized creations in nature.

They cast a deliberate surreal feel of freedom across the plains , although daunting that task may seem , these structures have somehow managed to achieve the almost unattainable blend of  been out of sync yet fitting so well into the surrounding. These are the works of metal sculptural ; John Lopez.

Initially starting out as a  bronze sculptor he has gone on to create large and powerful beasts. Those fierce creatures are made of scrap metals fillings , sourced from his farmlands and ranges across the state.

“I am never bored. I look forward to each new creation,Lopez had said, and it is helping me grow and develop as an artist.” when asked by @Auquerry where he gets his inspiration from.


The South-Dakota based artist was motivated by his geography and desire to put waste metals to good use. And his ideas for sculptures comes from the ranches scattered along the Grand River in northwestern South Dakota—not far from where Sitting Bull was born and died. Not far from where thousands of buffalo were killed during the westward expansion of settlers and gold miners.

In the bone yards of Tyrannosaurus rex and grizzly bears. Since farmers and ranchers populated this chunk of reservation land, real cowboys have been roping and branding and sheering and haying and harvesting.










Life size Pandora Baby Dolls from Avatar :the movie.

Silicon outer layer, carbon fiber reinforced interior for added structure and touched with blue and sparkles.  Dolls have never been so close from the real thing. This commercial product is the work of the Spanish design firm BabyCalon which specializes in humanoid dolls.
With each unit costing $2,000 USD each , Babycalon is hoping it could sell the dolls on it likeness to the movie Avatar;  a 2001 action block buster glossing over a billion dollars worldwide. 
As a plus to potential buyers , Babycalon dolls come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a serial number and model type, as well as its chip number.

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The skins are made from a special type of platinum medical silicone, silicone because it has very little oil in its composition, which then to make for a longer lasting doll.


Sculpted : Micky Paiano.
Sculpture supervisor: Cristina Iglesias
Mould maker: Vanesa Escalada.
Prop maker: Eugeni Iglesias


Full size LEGO Vehicles on the streets of Italy

There is little shortage of  iconic arts in Rome. But Italian photographer ,Domenico Franco adds a modern twist to year of art history on the street of the eternal city. For this project, he had spent sometime digitally assembling life-size LEGO replicas of Italian transport vehicles , and imprinting them near strategic locations- of both cultural and historical significance – in and around the city of Rome.

integrated larger-than-life LEGO lamborghinis, helicopters, tractor trailers, and camper vans making their way through the italian capital’s cobblestone roads and parking in front of the world’s most famous architectural landmarks. ON the idea behind the project , Franco had said :

‘his aim is to transform ordinary contexts in extraordinary ones, compelling the toys to get out of the idyllic and politically correct landscapes belonging to their perfect and idealistic cities, with the result of instilling in them those vices, virtues and desires typical of human beings.’

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  Franco calls this project  ‘LEGO outside LEGOLAND’  because  , as the theme suggest ,he had hoped to take Lego ( a brick and , building toy ) out of the its normal melieu into “real society” .  containing a series of nine lego-vehicles , placed on different location ; on cobbled streets , around the colosseum , and on the junction of a busy Italian street

He does offers printout of the photographs for sale on his site here.


Billy Bogiatzoglou ‘s Digital Engraved Entomology.

A black backdrop against splash of gold on contoured canvases .  This is the unique work of Billy Bogiatzoglou , a Uk based digital artist  specialized in the unique art of digital 3d imprinting.

Engraved entomology’ sees the digital inscription of gold colored emblems  on the exoskeleton of various arthropods and some human skull. The result is an inspiring grid of 3d images of insects in different assemble ; producing a mix of surreal beauty , awe and shock as one click through project.

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The Art Director at Bolder Creative said to have spent years honing his craft , and expanding his digital skill set in order to create art forms sur as this says he only used simple tools.  And had created “Engraved entomology ”  using only his sketchbook and a Wacom tablet.

He  shares his art work on most social platform and also offers them as printout for sell. They are available for viewing and order on  Behance and other works on display here.



Monsters are Appearing in New York City; And Everyone is wondering why.

Monsters are appear in and around the subway in new York city to help New Yorkers deal with the ever rising stresses of their daily commutes.  Its no news how tough the New York subway is, the trains are grossly overcrowded, noise from both the trains and the conductors are hard to enjoy and the  unsavoury stench of the carts is a enough  reason for a weak stomach to puck.

But despite the chaos, many New Yorkers take it daily; to and fro from work. And most have found ways of dealing with the nasty bits of the journey., either staring at their smart-phones, sleeping , listening to music or reading a book.

The monsters are a way of lifting the mood  and bighting the commute. And they are the works of Ben Rubin from the design outfit Subwaydoodle

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Ben captures the heart of the city with his doodle , its people , and their ways of dealing with the stress in the subways of New York . From compromising positions of sleeping with a friendly monster close by tucking in , to ride on the back of a train cart.  He sketch out demons , clowns and trolls  making mockery of people’s attempt at escapism. And some even dared to visit the almighty Yankee stadium.



Ben draws each of the characters using just  his iPad and  the procreate app. The figures are carefully pictured in various subway scenes, peeking over peoples’ shoulders as they read a book, cuddling with them as they nap, and eerily looming nearby as they innocently gaze out the window. ‘subway doodle’ catalogs the time spent drawing on Ben’s daily commute, where he imagines the humorous and seamless integration of city ‘monsters’ riding the subway .

Although h sells his doodle, he doesn’t offer personal commission . All the doodles are on his Mac Air 2 using Procreate, he recommends A cheap $8 stylus. If you want to doodle like he does.













monsters of new york city sneak up on unsuspecting subway riders
Great doodle , brought the much needed laughter to the ever busy office in Melbourne.  Be sure to support his work and go on his site to buy his doodles.