young Serbian artist draws complicated animal ecosystems

Young Serbian , Dusan Krtolica, is a talented 16 years old quite gifted with the art of pencil sketches. producing simple sketches of animal anatomy to complex ecosystems, featuring several queries, all made exclusively with lead pencil.

“drawing is my greatest passion, and I find my inspiration in nature. I am mostly fascinated by animals and their great diversity, as well as their amazing ability to adapt to living in many different environments.”


+15 satifying images of Los angeles by George townley

California artist George townley celebrates the spirit of Los Angeles with incredibly colorful, and minimalist depictions of its important landmarks in 2d rendering.

+15 surreal sculptures inspired by the sea by Rohan Mersh

Rowan Mersh is a multi-media sculptor who explores form through intuitive application of a material’s inherent qualities. His diverse and experimental approach to creation is epitomized by his ability to take very ordinary materials and transform them into the extraordinary. From textile sculpture to kinetic and interactive installation, Mersh’s pieces are inventive and multipurpose, bridging the realms of art, design and fashion.

Regularly exhibiting internationally with Gallery FUMI, Mersh’s sculptures have been acquired by major private and public collections the world over, most notably the V&A, Jerwood and The Crafts Council collections. His commissions and special projects include works for the Mercury Music Prize, Fendi and Veuve Clicquot.

Mersh, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in 2005, continues to live and work in London.

Hanna Dovhan handcrafts fluffy woolly items for interior space.

My name is Hanna Dovhan, I’m a Ukrainian designer based in Kharkiv. I craft special figurines and toys with soft wool; from animals to food, fancy items to decorate your home or to give as gifts.

A simple watercolor swan sparks a painting war

A simple water color Swan on Reddit has lead to some creative works been threw about the internet space. The spark plug of this creative exchange was pioneered by a Reddit user Daddafo, who had posted his Mum’s art , asking for some appraisal to encourage her creative strides.

But the response he got took a surprisingly weird turn. With different Reddit creatives coming up with unique ways to depict his Mum holding her painting.

The art -inception follow series of artist as they attempt to capture the initial water colour Swan painting and other depictions of the painting in other painting, all in unique styles and forms ; they are familiar with.

The art-inception follow several branches of the ‘inception” with several been made spreading into a web like interconnected links of artist drawing each other , who drew Daddafo’s Mum.

John Ed crafts intriguing paper portraits of pop culture icons

John Ed De Vera is a multidisciplinary designer who creates impressive imaginary worlds with simple tools like paper and scissors. His paper art mesmerizes people with its intricacy as well as its use of depth and shadow, created by stacking several layers of paper together.

Each step requires meticulous hand-crafting. Each element is first traced on bond paper and then, transferred to a thicker piece that is cut and compiled into a colorful arrangement. From fictional characters to famous pop-culture icons, we have no doubt this artist can make anything jump off the page with his paper creations.

Adorable yellow vest cat vendor stalks the streets of Vietnam

With Soft walk, and ‘whimsical’ look, this feline vendor in yellow strolls gently across the rows of fish filled stalls, and crowd market of Kai Phong. an adorable cat in costume, well suited and primed for it’s ‘food’ inspection job, and it has come to view the goods on display at this Vietnamese market and over see if health regulations are maintained.

Surprisingly his presence seem not arouse any suspicion, or caution from the traders, given the ordinary imperative of a cat to steal meat. This 3-year-old cat and his owner, Lê Quốc Phong, like to spend time travel and playing pretend.

Named “Dog” by Le Quốc, due to its nature of keeping it’s mouth open– like a dog — this cat loves pictures, playing dress-up and his food, so his photography owner, Lê Quốc Phong indulges it, putting “it” in various catchy poses, and letting the star work it feline charm.

Dog feels very cosy and can walk normally.” the photographer says, ” and he is widely loved, with friends globally ”

The duo are quite famed around East Asia, including ; Vietnam, Thailand and China, and have done several commercial for food brands in Vietnam.

Turkish photographer shows 100 faces through Istanbul airport

Inspired by the numerous, and unique faces though the departure hall in Ataturk airport daily, and the seemingly endless casscade of cultures on display from every corners of globe, a turkish photographer is collecting faces.

Mustafa, a part-time photographer from Istanbul has created  “100 Faces 100 Countries ” a photography project which focuses on keeping a peice of those transient cultures in human portraits, through Turkey, for posterity.

”  It is like a treasure for a photographer like me! This inspired me to combine my passion for photography with my work at the airport “

Mustafa Çankaya collects experiences as well as expressions. He not only seeks oddity in physical aesthetic, clothing,  hairs, and carry-ons but also the story behind the travelers.

“100 face from 100 countries” started in 2018 and has do far featured 117 portraits from 77 different countries, and on track to reaching a 100 different countries.



Russia Siberia


Bash the percussionist arrived from the burning man festival in Nevada 🇺🇸 & now heading to Cairo country 


Ibrahim Zethy dancer from Rwanda at the Airport,  

South Korea

Philip Chang  arrived from Sweden with his friend,


Nicole is a tattooer from Odessa, Ukraine 


Jonnel is a seaman from Philippines  on his last journey he was 10 months and 20 days over the sea, at the moment taking a rest with his family for Christmas


Miha is a photographer + filmmaker + travel writer

Nature photographer adopts cheerful field mice, crafts playgroud village for them

The setting is a carefully crafted miniature village, with several tiny single room abode — and single entrance — constructed with mostly locally sourced natural materials ( twigs, coconut bark, and ferns )  amidst logs pilings protected from cats. the mice village sits side by side a chestnut tree , peaceful, in the backyard garden of this Sheffield home.

This oddly unique ‘ prairiesque’  hamlet is home to George, the cheerful little field mice, and his family , adopted by Simon Dell, a UK nature photographer who spends hours chronicling his merry life with that of his partner and expected liters.  George had charmed his way into the photographer’s heart , who has in turn accommodated the marry mice in his well crafted miniature village.


Dell, had stumbled upon “George”– while he fled from the neighborhood cats– during his nature walk and decided to offer him shelter considering  and food to as a sort of curiosity which so far has gathered support on his daily Facebook page. .

“Being a keen wildlife photographer I am often taking photos of birds on the feeders in the garden. Then one day I looked down to see a very cute little house mouse standing up in the grass.”

The initial log pilings offered little shelter, so Dell set to task fitting it with tunnels and internal spacing, and adding several opening to allow easy movement.  All of his effort  accumulated in a miniaturized  mice village for little George to run around;  safe from his natural enemies.

fb-image-sharing-dashboard_5bfd12718922f__700miniature-mice-family-house-simon-dell-44miniature-mice-family-house-simon-dell-45miniature-mice-family-house-simon-dell-46miniature-mice-family-house-simon-dell-48miniature-mice-family-house-simon-dell-4311-846495309_261691484698559_454389372205137920_ominiature-mice-family-house-simon-dell-61miniature-mice-family-house-simon-dell-55miniature-mice-family-house-simon-dell-52 Continue reading