NirVenaArt unveils it Wired Art installations

Nir vena art  just unveiled its new collection of art installations, minimalist and really light weighted. They are mimics of the various creatures of the zodiac astrological chart and other well known mystic creature.

But this is no ordinary wire installation. Made into small ; mostly table top sizes,  they fit perfectly with the coffee table decorations.  The major materials are basic aluminium and copper wires  sourced from used appliances, give a fresh use than filling up the landfills.

Wounded, wrapped and packed in intricate standing to produce scaled replicates; with spaces in-between to better express the surroundings while still keeping the focus on them; the art.

 ” The wire is an elegant and expressive material that speaks to you; it carries a story and personal touch of an artist who uses it. That’s why I love it so much – I spend hours with my wire threads and each wire artwork is unique and personal in its own way.”

she said. ” Creating beauty out of ugly and useless objects is also part of my artistic credo”

Nir Vena grew up around rural Bulgaria , this experience was her inspiration for most of her works. spending most of her  teen life  in  Mountainous Rhodope, inspired her to see magic in all kinds of ancient sanctuaries and otherworldly places.

When not creating beautiful, energetic and mysterious sculptures out of unneeded objects, She participates in mixed media performances, group exhibitions and solo exhibitions around the world.

Currently,  her  works include Zodiac and Greek mythology characters, inspired by the sky and star lights. Spelled by the magic of light,


Factory Fifteen Studios proposes Skyler: a single story city.

Ever imagine how how  the future  would be in half a century from now? food, architecture, energy and habitation. As more people move into cities and cities become ever denser, the frequency of towering structures become repeated ; to cope with the burgeoning demands.

More and more, skyscrapers are been built in Hong-Kong , Taiwan,  and New York and resources to cater. But,  ever wonder what happens to those building after a while ; how they “age” or grow with our ever changing nature and needs.  


Skyler seeks to answers those questions. This architectural visualization is proposed as a model to follow through our development, and as we age, fulfil the basic needs of a ageing population.   Created by Studio Factory Fifteen , which is better knwo for it previous work on illustravic aninmation like the ; Cocoon is a 360 degree by 220 degree spherical, immersive video installation. The concept animation features a building with grows constantly with the flux dynamics of city dwelling.


with a  concept animation created for HWKN to accompany a book written by Matthias Hollwich and Bruce Mau Design on the subject of ‘New Aging’ Skyler could hold the key to the general efficient of resources we so much crave.

The book, architectural design response and the film, communicate an ethos of ‘Live smarter now to live better forever’. The project playfully narrates a future of an increasingly aging population, within which our cities need to adapt, producing socially driven architectural responses.

Concept / Design: Matthias Hollwich & March Kushner, Robert May, Scott Miller
Director / Animator / Producer: Factory Fifteen
Sound Design: Echoic
Vo Script: Zander Cote

Elshamy mimics natural environments with sets of minimalist photos

Travel is big and with social media fuelling this passion, more and more persons with the means gets to share their experience. But  or most of us without the financial capacity, it hurts scrolling through gigabytes of pictures wishing for some sort of lucky break. But one self taught designer has decided to do something about it.  With his latest project called : “Life” the egyptian born film marker takes a series of minimalist photographs,  which are exact replicas of the natural thing. 

One of my dreams to travel the world with my camera, take photos of wildlife animals and under the sea creatures, swimming with whales, dolphins, etc. like a National Geographic photographer, so was the purpose of this project to create my own wildlife photography using some animals and sea creatures models in my room studio..”   Amr Elshamy  says.
Elshammy , also a filmmaker , started  work on “LIFE”  the later part 2016, working for 2 months. To make the detailed replicas , he had to partner with the Chinese company “MOJO FUN” . Also this project was a way for him to campaign against global warming and other form of environmental degradation. The clean outcome was achieved with photoshop. 


For the north pole photo, 2 flash heads one on the top (Soft-Box), and one behind the background were used to get a nice clean white background,  and snow sprinkled was bought for 1.2$ 
Before and after using photoshop.
Before and after using photoshop
Polar Bears
An  Orca
Humpback whales

Arca3 proposal for the Votu Hotel Brazil

Bathed in the tropical sun lights and mostly built out of bamboo. The artist impression of the proposed Voto Hotel in bahia, Brazil stands alone in the less densely forested parts of the amazonian jungle. Arca3d a design outfit based in São Paulo, – in collaborating with several architecture studios in the 3D visualization- is  responsible for this 3d rendering of the proposed hotel.  And would be built by  the gcp arquitetos.

Featuring linear bamboos arranged in spaced fashion , wide enough to allow natural lighting and aeration. “ This rendition feature a frontal, side and internal view of the property. The impression feature a module structure with an open back verandah and lots of space, incorporating the natural element of the plants and the wind into the general structure.

The main atrium is flagged by several smaller building for recreation  with large glass doors to allow a complete view of the surrounding jungle.


Overview of the design with vegetation:

votu hotel | bahia  brazil


The rooms allow for 180 view of things

Founded by Ricardo Canton, Arca3d specializes in creating images of buildings and architectural spaces through a minimalist view. His images seek to represent the essence of each project through inspiring visuals.

His works have been awarded in prestigious computer graphics galleries, highlighting the Nomination for CG Architect Awards 2013 – Commissioned category; CGSociety Choice Award, 3D Total Excellence Award and Dope Award. Have also included in books and magazines: Exposé 11 (Ballistic Publishing – Australia), AV Monographs (Spain); L’arca (Italy); GA Document (Japan) and Monolito (Brazil).

The titanium Exo prosthetic Leg with sensory balancing

Mesh exo-prosthesis is custom-built for each wearer by scanning the corresponding intact limb and mirroring the image with rendering software before 3D printing the replacement limb. An array of pattern and color choices allow patients to further personalize the final product.  Molded from laser-sintered titanium,  to be light weight  and easy to make , culling the price of the conventional prostheses cheaper .

 William Root  a former operator  of Laser Cutters and 3D Printers it RP lab at Pratt Institute Lab seeks to  engineer ,  and  an industrial designer graduate of Pratt, hopes , with this futuristic structure of geometrically intersecting metal strands a better form of artificial limbs . Designed to merge structural strength, lightweight construction, and minimalist elegance, the hollow Exo Prosthetic Leg is molded from laser-sintered titanium into an intricate


Media : William Root (h/t)


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