Stunning images of the spectacular Wave building just completed in Demark

The Wave Development – design by Henning Larsen Architects in Jutland, Denmark reached it’s final completion following an eleven-year construction period interrupted by the global financial crisis, Henning Larsen’s The Wave apartment building in Vejle,

The Wave incorporates an open, public pier – establishing it as a social and residential hub, and an enduring presence in the vitalization of the Vejle waterfront.

After construction efforts were re-initiated in 2015, the final three towers are complete – fulfilling Henning Larsen‘s original vision. Its five iconic crests rising above Vejle Fjord, The Wave stands as an architectural tribute to local heritage and geography.

“The land surrounding Vejle is unique for its rolling hills, which are an uncommon sight in Denmark,”
explains Søren Øllgaard, Partner and Design Director at Henning Larsen.

“We designed The Wave as striking new presence in the Vejle skyline, one that reflects and embodies the surrounding area. We feel our design merges our own contemporary designs with a strong sense of local identity.”


Russian Artist designs beautiful, intricate dresses from Paper

Asya Kozina transforms pieces of paper into eccentric wigs and wedding dresses , originally  from St. Petersburg Russia, Asya Kozina, creates dresses and wigs from standard Whatman paper bought from an ordinary stationary shop.Working with white paper has become the artist’s signature mode of expression, and it is the only material with which she can experiment tirelessly with patterns and designs.

Kozina believes that white paper allows her to accent form and conceal secondary details. All of her works are created by hand, and none of the shapes or forms are repeated.

Asya Kozina works at the intersection of fashion, and contemporary and decorative-applied art. Her last project, “Baroque paper wigs”, took first place in number of viewings on the Behance social network site. Some of her works are below for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to visit her website for more.

Contact: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram Behance









asya kozina crafts intricate baroque wigs from paper




World Brides


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Zaha hadid’s Melbourne Towers : Miss or hit

The Zaha hadid’s tower is arguably the most debated building in Victoria right now. The firm’s first project in Melbourne, the tower is to be sited on ‘600 collins street on the western boundary.

54 storey tower comprises 420 apartments, offices, retail and public spaces, with the overall arrangement characterized by its elegant colonnades of ‘stacked vases’. Designboom

‘it’s pleasing to see a project of this quality proposed for melbourne and see a strong architectural response within the framework of the interim controls,’ says planning minister richard wynne.

But for most residents  of Melbourne the proposed tower is a monstrosity.A travesty  to the beautiful order of buildings in Victoria. The most complaints are about her style of architecture, which is said will be a misfit with the current facade of the Melbourne CBD. But that didn’t  stop city planners as the  building construction was recently greenlited.

The tower would come with the least green ideas in building construction. With savings to energy, water ( which there is a serious shortage of  here) and a reduced carbon footprint.  It would carry 350 bicycle parking spaces and bays for electric vehicles are included within the planning. Below are the design photo. what do you think?  Most of us at Ausquery  think it is a good idea, Leave your comments below.

Zaha Hadid:    website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


zaha hadid melbourne 600 collins street designboom

zaha hadid melbourne 600 collins street designboom

with 420 apartments, offices, retail and public spaces, the design has evolved from the city’s distinct urban fabric





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