Surreal imagery by Portuguese illustrator are as surrealist as ever.

The plant and animal world are quite distinct even though they are codependents. the owl finds home in the trees, the Tiger prowls the jungle in search of prey, or the polar bear in its natural habitat, this illustrator finds a way to blend both seemlessly in quirky surreal ways.


Pakistani dentist puts glitters and diamond on everything to make them sparkle

Several of her works feature ordinary items, which are made to sparkle after intense editing. crystal Sparkles is a project which aims to bring curiosity and delight to the viewer as it blankets images with sparkly diamond, crystals and rainbows.

The work of a Pakistani dentist– in training- unsatisfied with her career directions, and obsessed with glamorizing the world around her,  the largely self taught artist had start off putting her favorite fashion item on body stretchmarks to beautify a feature which is strongly associated with negativity as a means to finding healing.

Sara shakeel

The resulting project, Bodyglitters, a serious of models with glitters ‘pimped out ‘ stretchmarks,  inspired by her obsession was made a hashtag on social media to push a rethink and encourage positive body image. A project which set the template for her new direction into photo editing.

She moved on to general glitterizing, and with several uploads later her editing had gone viral attracting the likes of Emirates, Swiss luxury brands : Bally and Swarovski and an award from glamour Italy

Bordalo II, artist and eco-sculpture curates trash Zoo — ‘wild wild waste’













spirit of the city installation opens in New york

MINI and London-based art practice United Visual Artists unveiled a new site-specific installation in Brooklyn this week, dubbed ‘Spirit of the City’. Set up at …

MINI and London-based art practice United Visual Artists unveiled a new site-specific installation in Brooklyn this week, dubbed ‘Spirit of the City’. Set up at A/D/O, the creative space in Greenpoint, the installation probes the physical and emotional response individuals experience when navigating urban environments according to its creators. They achieved this goal by simply installing mirrors all around for an unorthodox way of displaying the world around you.



The modular system of revolving mirrored columns showcases a dynamic composition of movement, light, shadow and reflection. The seemingly organic behavior is poetically linked to the dynamic activity of New York City. Spirit of the City was created exclusively for the outdoor courtyard at A/D/O. It will open to the public May 18, 2018 and will be on view through September 2nd. Rising over the visitor, each nine-foot column is intended to challenge personal perception while eliciting a visceral and electrifying reaction similar to the thrill one might experience when exploring a new city



UVA aims to stir the visitor, moving through this installation, to a highly emotional and visceral reaction while alluding to deeper influences between people and the cities they live in. The polished reflective surface of each column magnifies the movement of neighboring columns and recruits the surrounding environment – the sun, sky, and Greenpoint’s industrial setting – into the experience of the piece.

As day turns to dusk, the piece takes on another personality, illuminated by sodium vapor lamps which reference the unique vibrancy of cities at night. It all looks damn interesting and it would be quite the experience to live in person. If you can’t make it to Brooklyn though, you can check things out in our photo gallery, below.






Okuda San Miguel imagines the world in Technicolors

covered in technicolors large-scale projects; huge facades intervened with geometric lines, and a play on symmetric. They feature sculptures, installations,  organic forms, bodies without identity with which the artist reflects on questions that go beyond art. The most prominent is the “Bear ” On display at the Spanish galaxy in Madrid.

The various works are reflection of society and individual curiosities. Questions asked  on or about the essence of  existence ; existentialism. Balanced with alternating  concepts, such as modernity and roots, nature and capitalism, identity. The Madrid based artist expects his audience to connect with his art on a personal level, and draw from experience to  catch the “deeper” meaning and vibe.


Okuda San Miguel , who started out as “Oscar san Miguel”   played around with spray painting murals in a string of creative vandalism. Before been hired by institutions and traveling half the world to give life and color to streets, facades and churches, and exhibiting in the best galleries. He did street art for  17 years.

He has been to over 25 countries  covering their streets in  colorful technicolors.      ”

” From that first time, when I was painting in abandoned factories and on lost tracks, I miss having so many worries and responsibilities. Although on the other hand I think I need it, I have the need to create, to move in this circuit and being at the level that I am, I still want more.

22278120_1514749111914316_3775993830550011904_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


27581382_1981628512095815_3495032652187041792_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


20688012_845637252266553_5443576679211466752_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


21147825_261736701011431_7248829447506231296_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


21820445_428290937572121_2475614339051028480_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)

25022424_836422233206775_1741952170191749120_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


24127081_311154479399592_4235655592938569728_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)

21879424_1873467792680448_4928974485446459392_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


19436978_451939188496345_6559049496381095936_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)


25024883_161681314595465_6959032374659121152_nPhoto : okuda san Miguel ( Inst)

Kane’s Golemecha blends Jewish and Japanese mythology.

This sculpture feature a mixed media assembly of  Judaic folklore; ”  golem”  ( a protector made from mud and sticks).And the “Mecha”, a  Japanese tale ; a culture of protectors made from advance robotics.  the Golemecha takes its form from combining both uniquely Asian cultures, with the intention  to create a modern day mystical protector of things.

 the “awesome art ” project reconstruction feature not only  nature but technology as well. as the overall feel is a mixtures of organic materials and synthetic ones: plastic, welded metals rods, wires-mesh, plaster wrap, 3d printed parts, glue, spray paint , borax, branches, roots trees kits. Led kits, preserved moss, and bonsai, copper plating, and patina kits


The Golemecha  is the  art project of Garret Kane, an assemblage sculpture artist based in Brooklyn NY   who has also made similar mixes of materials to create art projects before. All of which had seek to alter natural materials.

… I still think it’s important to jump into the fire and create a philosophy to build upon – a fundamental understanding of what it is you are doing and why you are doing it,”  Garret Kane  says, “Because let’s face it, being an artist can feel quiet ambiguous.” 







Wara Art festival opens with dynamic motifs of rice straws

featuring large wooden and wireframes structures embedded as support, the sculptures are clad with leftovers from rice harvest .Most of the exhibited arts on display are animal-eques  sculptures covered entirely with rice straws and postured in dynamic orientations  for effect , and to mimic realism.

These ideal art motifs dotting the rice fields on the Japanese island of Honshu are part of The straw art festival .  created to exhibits various art works, It make good use of leftovers  ” straws”. And now, it has become a regular event in the Japanese city of  Niigata — duration is through first two days of September. The ‘ leftover arts” after finis then go on display at the Uenriigagyo Park, in Nishi-gama  for tourists and visitors alike to enjoy. 


 Usually it is a collaborative effort between students from Musashino Art University in Tokyo , and citizens of Niigata . The students measure , model and construct  the necessary wire-frame foundation with the citizens completing the  body parts with corked and stacked straws. 

” we have collected artworks at Kamiyagigo Park and have been developing as an event to showcase regional special product sales and attractions,”  mayor,  Akira Shinoda  says       ” and have been developed by many stakeholders’ efforts and creative ingenuity.”

the art festival  is fairly a new event, created in 2008 to encourage tourism and promote a sense of unity  within the city and among the citizens.  The two day  annual event now celebrates ten years of continuity.


outline of the production process





Dutchbeach art installation sees massive symmetric designs around the Netherlands


massive temporary geoglyphs dot the beaches  along the north sea; in the Netherlands.  featuring motifs of plants; and human portraits escalated to huge dominating designs. they are mostly of several feet in length and made very close to sea reachable alone by high tides.

  I love the idea of temporary art because all things in life are temporary. I grew up on the beach where I lived during the summer. I have always been drawing on the beach using materials I found at the there. 6 years ago I started using a rake. This way I could make the drawings much bigger.” it’s creative artist have said.



Dutchbeach art

each beach art design takes him an average of 4hours; scraping and shaping the semiwet sands with his rake. Dutchbeachart had started out with a DIY rig to take pictures of his works from above ground.

mounting  a GoPro on a kite he was able to capture lot of his early design until graduating into drone photos. He is inspired by tattoo artists, street art and geometry.



Dutchbeach art



Dutchbeach art



Dutchbeach art


Dutchbeach art



Dutchbeach art



Dutchbeach art




Dutchbeach art.



Dutchbeach art.


visualising symptoms for sinusitis by Tiago Hoisel

Sinus  is a bacteria infection which could result in inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose. Prelude to a Sinus infection ( about 7 to 10 days)  is usually a relatively high quantity of symptoms.  Beginning with a cold (for example, a runny nose, occasional cough and/or mild fever), and then develop into pain and pressure in the sinus cavities.

Each of the graphical illustration is an attempt to visualise the physically of the various symptoms, exaggerated and colourful to  get the public aware  and recall about it preluding signs. Primarily the work of Tiago Hoisel  and his team of designers and illustrators, the illustrations only cover a fraction of the symptoms.

” This is a series of illustration and animations I did for a campaign created by the JWT New York for a medicine for sinusitis.” Tiago had said.



.facial pain

To create awareness around this little known infection; Brazilian illustrator and digital designer was contacted  by  The New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York, to make a visual yet satirical illustrations about the various symptoms to parallel a better understanding and help  ingrain it’s signs in the mind of the public consciousness.


.nasal discharge



.Nasal Blockage



.Complicated congestion






.pressure in the sinuses


.puffiness around the eyes



.bad breath




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